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Angry Women Win!

The latest issue of our Resistance free sheet is on the streets! This special issue looks at the struggles of women, both historically and today. Articles include a look at:

  • Abortion struggles in Ireland and Spain
  • Legal battles for women in the UK
  • Gender and Factory Resistance in China
  • Women & LGBTQIA in Ukraine today
  • Free Women of Spain in the 1930s
  • Dealing with sexual harassment at work
  • Transgender struggles being side-tracked by mainstream acceptance
  • The Angry Women of Liverpool
  • Single mothers fighting social cleansing in East London

You can download the issue here!


The real news from East Kilbride

Rob Newman talks Kropotkin in the Metro

I’d not usually link to the Daily Mail lite Metro, but this was an interesting one to see from their pages:

“It was trying to rescue Darwin’s ideas from Herbert Spencer’s ‘survival of the fittest’ idea. Kropotkin looked at how vampire bats feed blood from their own mouths to bats who come back from hunting without any – so he looked at how co-operation is the norm in nature. That got me into it. And also how Spencer’s cardboard view of Darwinism is used to justify cuts on the welfare state – the language saturates everything, using ‘survival of the fittest’ as if it’s about progress, whereas Darwin didn’t think it was. This dog-eat-dog view of evolution has had a harmful impact – we think we’re worse than we are, which leaves us not wanting to take control of our own lives.”

The full interview can be read here.

International News: Cuba Still a Bourgeois State

Reports are showing that the Cuban state seems to be continuing repression against anarchists, this time for hosting open discussions over new labour laws that are being introduced. The irony of the situation? It was the public Communist Party the official labour union line that the Cuban public should discuss the proposed legislation!

An article by Isbel Diaz Torez on the subject can be read (in Spanish) over at the Havanna Times.

A public debate of 13 people triggered a warning Cuban state security.

Food Banks vs Trasformative Change

Interesting article in the Guardian on food-poverty, food-banks, and the nature of charity (“of privileged people helping the underprivileged, perpetuating an us-and-them atmosphere”) versus transformative change. The reality is that all these efforts are spaces capable of a more radical engagement; you just have to ask whose interests are you serving by doing what you’re doing…

Nick Saul

“The Stop uses food to help the people it serves to organise, to create change, to understand poverty and to fight it.” – Nick Saul