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The Battle for Burgos

Via LibCom:

“There has been rioting all week in Burgos, Northern Spain over plans to redevelop a street at cost of €8m with the unrest even spreading across the country to the capital Madrid.”

With youth unemployment over 50%, 1 in 3 unemployed overall, dodgy dealings that make Glasgow City Council look like the worst they do is pinch sweets from the tuck shop, and a compete disregard for the residents has meant that the anger against the authorities is ongoing despite the mayor calling the planned development off.

The battle for Burgos


Glasgow University Occupied

Students at the University of Glasgow have occupied the Heatherington Research Club, a vital resource for post-grad, mature and foreign students which was recently closed down, in opposition to cuts at the university and across society. The club can be found at 13 University Gardens, just off University Avenue, and any and all support will be welcome.

See you there!

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Scottish Universities in Occupation plus Glasgow Plans for Day X

Updates on the St Andrews University occupation

Edinburgh University Occupation ends on a positive note

Meanwhile in Glasgow, aside from the brief occupations on the 24th November day of action, Glasgow is yet to see much direct action.  Will this change?  Well, there is the upcoming day of action.  Here’s the programme :

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Words of Advice for Young People

Fitwatch, a website that offered advice to the young people involved in last week’s occupation of Tory Party HQ in London, has had it’s web hosting suspended. This came after the head of the Metropolitan Police’s “e-crime” unit (e-crime, really? Get with the times folks! Surely it should be iCrime!) wrote to informed Fitwatch’s webhost, JustHost, that the site was engaged in perverting the course of justice by “offering guidance to offenders”. Guilty until proven innocent is it eh?

So, for informational purposes only of course, we reproduce the advice given by Fitwatch after the jump. Continue reading