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Repost: Furious telecoms workers barricade own firm in a dispute over unpaid wages

From the Daily Record:

“Telecoms employees parked a lorry with a digger arm over the entrance to Counsell Utilities Ltd. Thirteen workers say they haven’t been paid properly for weeks – and on Friday, they didn’t get any wages at all.”

We wish the worker all the best in getting their money out of Counsell Utilities and Carillion, and if we can be of any help then let us know what we can do.


Links on a week of campus protests

Inside and against the university (Joseph Kay on LibCom)

TOTAL PROTEST (Cops off Campus)

Yesterday, Students Were Arrested for Protesting Against the Arrest of Students (Vice)

University of strife: John Harris on the latest wave of student protests (Guardian)

The articles above come in the wake of the violently repressed ULU senate rooms occupation and the protests against cops coming onto campus. happening in the same timeframe as occupations at Edinburgh, Sheffield, Birmingham, Liverpool, Sussex, Exeter, Ulster and Goldsmiths in London. These provided concrete support to striking staff members out on the picket lines.

At the same time five students have been suspended for involvement in protests at Sussex Uni.

This repression also comes in the shadow of the highly successful industrial action by workers in the 3 Cosas campaign and the creation of the Sussex Pop-Up Union initiative. This resignation letter for a porter at Sussex Uni sims up the feeling amongst staff on their campus.

If any Glasgow-based students interested in anarchist organisation on campus may be interested in contacting the Autonomous Students Network, and of course we would be happy to provide support in any campaign if requested.

EDIT: This also just came across my radar…

Sussex University Occupied! Solidarity with the Oct 31st Strike!

Says it all in the title folks!

Once again students at Sussex university have come out in solidarity with staff struggles on their campus. Over the past year they have been waging a struggle with a united front of teaching staff, support/catering staff and students to object to on-campus privatisation. In this time they have innovated the pop-up union as a way to forge cross-union cross-trade solidarity, and have held some of the largest student demonstrations outside of London in recent years.

You can follow them on twitter @occupy_sussex

Students and Workers: All Out on the 31st!

Students and higher education workers are going out on strike this Thursday, the 31st of October. Don’t go to class! Don’t cross picket lines! If you aren’t sure why then take a read of this article on LibCom and have a listen to this song to get you in the spirit:

Feel free to print and distribute either this flier from SolFed or the poster/flier below and let people know what is happening:

Events O’er the Next Week

Hi All,

Please see below for this week’s list of stuff happening in Glasgow, with a
mild nod across to the ‘burgh as well.

In particular, we’d like to draw your attention to the University strikes
happening this week, and we’d hope everyone would consider showing their
support for these (please see below for links to some events and further
information on what they’re about).

As always, please let us know of anything you think we should be putting out; you can email us here – glasgowautonomyupdates@lists.riseup.net

‘Til next time…


Monday 28th October
– Nanotechnology: Hype, Fear, and Reality (Glasgow Skeptics)

Tuesday 29th October
– Film Screening: ‘Gasland Part 2’ (with Discussion) (Earthmovies)

Wednesday 30th October
– ‘Anarchism: From Proudhon to Kropotkin – A Talk by Iain MacKay’ (Edinburgh)

Thursday 31st October
– Support the University Strikes (UCU / Unison / Unite)

Thursday 31st October
– Drop ATOS from the Commonwealth Games – Lobby of Glasgow City Council

Sunday 3rd November
– Paint & Cake! Volunteering Event (Kinning Park Complex)

Monday 4th November
– Great Grub (Urban Roots)

Monday 4th November
– Launch Party for ‘Look Up Glasgow’ (Freight Books)


Monday 28th October
– Nanotechnology: Hype, Fear, and Reality (Glasgow Skeptics)
The Admiral Bar, 72a Waterloo Street, Glasgow, G2 7DA

A Talk by Michael Fay – Hosted by Glasgow Skeptics. A brief history of
nanotechnology – which goes back further than you might think – and where we
are now. A story that includes scientists, futurologists, hucksters, terrorists, politicians, the media, and everyone else. Alongside the genuine excitement in the possibilities, nanotechnology has also come with the unwelcome accompaniment of a great deal of both hype and alarmism. How much is
the reality swamped by the Hollywood plot device, and what does it tell us
about the link between science and the public?

Michael Fay is Research fellow at Nottingham Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Centre, part of Nottingham University where he is responsible for the day to
day operation of the Nottingham Nanotechnology and Nanoscience Centre
microscopy suite. He was also responsible for the production of the world’s
smallest periodic table which was written on a human hair. This feat was
recognized by the Guinness Book of Records in 2011.

For Further Info: http://glasgow.skepticsinthepub.org/

Tuesday 29th October
– Film Screening: ‘Gasland Part 2’ (with Discussion) (Earthmovies)
Stereo, 22-8 Renfield Lane, Glasgow, G2 6PH

We have the pleasure to announce that Earthmovies will host a special screening of Josh Fox’s new film Gasland 2.

Gasland 2 is the follow-up to the Oscar nominated film Gasland, which exposes
the dangers of fracking, the controversial method of extracting natural gas
and oil from the ground.

In the US fracking is widespread and has led to water contamination so bad
that even tap water can be set on fire. As extensive plans for fracking are in
the pipeline for the UK and Scotland, it becomes a hot topic for local
communities and the environment on our own doorstep.

The film screening is free; the event is supported by Friends of the Earth

For Further Info (& Trailer) – http://www.earthmovies.org/p/projects.html

Wednesday 30th October
– ‘Anarchism: From Proudhon to Kropotkin – A Talk by Iain MacKay’ (Edinburgh)
Lecture Theatre 175, Old College, South Bridge, Edinburgh, EH8 9YL
5pm – 6.30pm

Talk organised by Edinburgh Uni Socialist Society & Edinburgh Uni Anarchist

Iain McKay is the editor of Property is Theft, a collection of Pierre-Joseph
Proudhon’s writings. He is also the main editor of and contributor to the
massive online resource and popular book series that is the Anarchist FAQ, as
well as being a frequent writer for Black Flag magazine and Freedom newspaper.

Iain will be discussing Kropotkin’s theory of mutual aid, the role of
anarchists in the Russian Revolutions, anarchist economics and much more!
There will also be plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion.

This event is being run by the Socialist Society as part of their ongoing
series of public lectures and debates, and co-hosted by the Anarchist Society.
All welcome!

Event Info – https://www.facebook.com/events/423262267779802/

Thursday 31st October
– Support the UCU/Unison/Unite Education Strikes (UCU/Unison/Unite)

On Thursday 31st October members of the UCU, Unison, and Unite will be taking coordinated strike action in universities across the UK (http://www.ucu.org.uk/6794). In Glasgow there are calls to support the
strikes at Glasgow University, a pre-strike rally at GCU, see the following
links for more details.

Glasgow University –

Glasgow Caledonian University –

For More Background Info on the Strike –

Thursday 31st October
– Drop ATOS from the Commonwealth Games – Lobby of Glasgow City Council
George Square, Glasgow G2 1DU

Lobby of Glasgow City Council, organised by Glasgow Against ATOS.

We need you! On the 31st October, Councillors of Glasgow City Council will be
debating a motion to drop ATOS as a commonwealth games sponsor. Please come to George Square for a lobby of those councillors who are debating this motion.

Thousands of people have died after going through the ATOS work capability
assessment, ATOS are not fit to be a sponsor of the games and we ask that as
many people and organisations let them know how we feel about this immoral
company’s involvement in the Commonwealth Games next year.

For Further/Event Info – https://www.facebook.com/events/219037268264562/

Sunday 3rd November
– Paint & Cake! Volunteering Event (Kinning Park Complex)
Kinning Park Complex, 43 Cornwall Street, Glasgow, G41 1BA
12pm – 5pm

Volunteering Day at Kinning Park Complex.

This event is particularly for new volunteers of KPC, we will paint and eat cake 12-5pm, just in time for the subway home. On the agenda is:

– Doors and Radiators: chip away old paint and make paint up new,

– Downstairs Studio: freshening up a downstairs studio

– Cakes: baking for the team!

If you would like to join in then please email Ammie at volunteers@kinningparkcomplex.com

For Further Info – http://www.kinningparkcomplex.org/

Monday 4th November
– Great Grub (Urban Roots)
Urban Roots, Toryglen Community Base, Prospecthill Circus, Glasgow, G42 0LA
3.45pm – 6pm

Come along to our weekly cookery workshops and make delicious food to share
with your family; learn new cookery skills through practical cookery
workshops, about healthy and nutritious food; share and exchange recipes;
learn about how food can be healthy for you and the environment; eat delicious
food together!

Free childcare places are available for parents wanting to attend.

This course is Free, though places are limited – to book a place contact Emma
at Urban Roots (emma@urbanroots.org.uk).

For Further Info – http://www.urbanroots.org.uk/workshops/

Monday 4th November
– Launch Party for ‘Look Up Glasgow’ (Freight Books)
Mono, 12 King’s Court, Glasgow, G1 5RB

You are warmly invited to the launch of ‘Look Up Glasgow’, a new book of
beautiful photos displaying Glasgow’s fantastic architectural detail, which we
often pass but rarely notice. Compiled by Adrian Searle and architectural
photographer David Barbour, ‘Look Up Glasgow’ is a stunning record of the
city’s hidden treasures, created in a time of great wealth and virtuoso
craftsmanship now long gone. The book also includes poetry from Kona Macphee, Colin Begg, Vicki Feaver, Graham Fulton, Sophie Cooke and Jim Carruth, responding in very individual ways to Glasgow’s extraordinary built

The launch will be held at Mono and is free, but please do RSVP to

We’ll be showing photos from the book, listening to the poets read their
responses to the city, answering any questions you might have, and signing
copies (of which there will be a plentiful supply available if you don’t get
yours first). After that, please do stay and join us in wetting the leaves of
this extraordinary work.

For Further Info – http://www.freightbooks.co.uk/

Commentary on Grangemouth

Workers leave the meeting at Grangemouth oil refinery in Falkirk, Scotland

Since my last post on the Grangemouth situation the news has been so fast and furious on the topic, while I has been travelling around and was unable to correct inaccuracies that had become apparent in light of the new material. I was in the middle of writing a post to address this when I was passed this fantastic article by Penny Cole over on A World To Win. Wile I may disagree with some parts, the views on what to do here and now are definitely something we share.  In particular:

“The Unite members were ready to fight and their union could have organised an occupation to prevent the dismemberment of the plant, but they did not and will not. Independence will not change that.”

Too true.

At the point at which I wrote the last article the bosses threat of lock-out had not been clear. In light of that the call for workers to take control of the site seems even more vital. Unite hasn’t been “conned and set-up” by Ineos as much as it has been by their own bureaucracy and it’s tired and predictable way of reacting to the bosses. This, along with the union’s willingness to cave in to keep the peace at their members expense, has been a huge disservice to everyone at Grangemouth.

Also the SNP have been only too willing to play into the hands of the bosses. The thought that a Scottish government will be any friendlier to workers, the unemployed or anyone else is an assertion without any backing. The state will always behave in the interests of the state. Holding hope that someone else can fix things for us is only going to lead to half-measures and the disappointment. It is only by building up our ability to take action together at the heart of the problem that will give us any real measure control of our lives.

The way in which the unions and the politicians have behaved is not the victory for common sense that is being billed; it is a stitch-up against all of us as a class. The people on the shop floor know their business better than any union bureaucrat, better than any politician, and better than any boss. We should learn the lessons from this fight and stand in solidarity with workers at Grangemouth and beyond, lending them support where we can and taking their lead on how to fight this struggle, and to hell with anyone that stands in their way.

Unite reveals its new negotiation ploy…


Through the night Unite union negotiators and the bosses at Grangemouth petrochemical plant were locked in intense negotiations. After 16 hours of talks and in the face of strike action by workers the bosses walked away from table unwilling to budge an inch, and so…

“As a result, Unite will now call off all industrial action with immediate effect in order to protect this national asset from the scandalous behaviour of its owner. The plant should now start the return to full production and there is no excuse for this not happen.” 

I don’t now how anyone could put out that statement and not feel ashamed.  If Unite don’t make good on their threats, then what good are their threats? To my eyes it translated to:

“Yeah, that’ll show the bosses! Walk away from negotiations will you? Well then, prepare for us to NOT strike, go to work, and carry on business as usual! Ha, how do you like THAT?”

Unite reps went on to say:

“We are outraged that Ineos representatives walked away from Acas talks, after 16 hours of negotiation and on the cusp of an agreement, for the ludicrous reason that Ineos chairman Jim Ratcliffe instructed his management representatives to demand an apology on his behalf.”

Never mind the damage from shutting off the machines, why is the arrogant prick’s property is not being taken over by workers? This may be the key to preventing the “necessary” cost cutting (read: redundancies).

While the main effort of trade unions these days appear to be trying to disprove arguments that they defend their own organisational interests rather than the interests of the working class, this new ploy of defending neither marks a baffling turn of events.

The full story can be seen here.


If you are interested in discussing the role of the trade unions in the class struggle, no matter your position on them, this will be the topic at our next open discussion group meeting on the 30th of November, from 6:45 at the Fred Paton Centre, 19 Carringdon Street, Glasgow, G4 9AJ. (Facebook event)