Glasgow Events Autonomy Update 29 April 2018

Hello friends and fellow workers. May Day is this week and there’s no shortage of events in Glasgow celebrating International Workers Day – on the day itself and later on. We hope it stays sunny and people are reinvigorated to fight for a better world for all!

Many thanks to the folk behind May Day Week 2018 for the information they sent us and all the hard work they’ve put in organising events.

As always, please send us your events so that we can publicise them for you!

1. MAY DAY Parade & Rally – Tuesday 1st May

2. Radical Film Network (RFN) Scotland 6818 Launch – Tuesday 1st May

3. Radical History Walk – Wednesday 2nd May

4. Radical Imagination Presentation – Thursday 3rd May

5. Memories of Underdevelopment (Radical Film Network) – Friday 4th May

6. Songs for Revolution – Saturday 5th May

7. Trades Council MAY DAY March – Sunday 6th May

8. MAY DAY Picnic – Sunday 6th May

9. Spirit of Revolt Show & Tell Event (The Free Hetherington) – Monday 14th May


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