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Glasgow Events Paisley strike solidarity demo tmr, plus glasgow events during week

Glasgow events below!

***Paisley strike solidarity demo Saturday 28th Jan***
PAISLEY STRIKE SOLIDARITY was formed by IWW members in Paisley, along with individuals from Living Rent and Don’t Pay UK.

Since starting in December we have visited picket lines, held street stalls, connected with local grassroots groups, leafleted the local football ground, and flyposted the town.

Our big project is a MARCH AND RALLY this SATURDAY 28th JANUARY at 1pm meeting at the High St at the corner of New Street. We have ran a determined campaign, but we started from zero a month ago. So we are putting a CALL OUT to come and join us on the day. We are planning for a small but lively, colourful and noisy event in support of the strikes.

Bring flags, placards and noise makers. Singers especially welcome! We are just a 10 minute train journey from Glasgow Central.

***Latest from excellent southside solidarity whatsapp broadcast channel***

(To join plus other info see )

There’s a few actions coming up over the next week or so for folk to get involved in If they can.

First up:

*πŸ“† Saturday 28th Jan 7-12pm – Fundraiser *
Glasgow-city wide Strike Solidarity is having a fundraiser this Saturday. Link below for info and tickets.

Strikes and other actions:

πŸ“† Monday 30th Jan – 8am+ – Coffin Makers are on strike at various Co-Op shops to raise awareness of the strike. Various locations in the southside are being visited, lifts are available. Message an admin for more info/transport.

πŸ“†* Wednesday 1st Feb: Co-ordinated day of Action *
On Wednesday various workers on strike across the country including PCS, RMT, ASLEF and UCU.

πŸ“* PCS Picket 7-10am – Ballater Street *
Members of this group will be going to PCS picket line at 8am Ballater Street (gorbals) outside the Legal House (procurator fiscals office) before heading to STUC demo at 12pm, Buchanan St steps.

πŸ“* STUC right to strike rally*, Trades Hall on Glassford Street 7pm-9pm. This event is free but ticketed.

πŸ“†* Friday 3rd Feb – RMT & ASLEF strike* at Polmadie
Members will be going to support workers at Polmadie on strike. Time and meeting point tbc.

If you can get along to any of these, for as long or as short a time as you can, please do! Let’s show these workers we’re behind them ✊


Email future events including name/time/date/location/description to:

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Glasgow Events P&O demo. Red and Black Clydeside bookfair, trans pride scotland. kenmure st celeb

Handful of events, this mailout was prompted by someone emailing the list about Red and Black bookfair, and i had a couple of other things i wanted to message out about.

Email this list with your event and i’ll send that out too! Will try to get back up to weekly if there’s demand.

Friday 29th April.
RMT organised P&O demo. More details :

Saturday 7th May.
Red and Black Clydeside Bookfair and gathering

Coming out of the lockdowns and in the shadow of the cost-of-living crisis, it is more important than ever that we begin to rebuild networks of community resistance. That’s why a group of organisations on the libertarian left in Glasgow have got together to organise the first Red and Black Clydeside bookfair and gathering.

Looking around us after two years of lockdowns, we saw a society more fractured and atomised even than it was before the pandemic, exactly the way the ruling class wants us. We decided that the best response to this was to find a way of celebrating and bringing together examples of community self-activity.

The healthiest community activity is that which is not mediated or directed by “official channels”, which communities build themselves in response to needs that they identify themselves. Not only will this kind of community engagement boost individual mental health, but it will also rebuild the solidarity which human beings thrive on, and it will start to repair the health of communities, which is vital for fighting back against the wealthy elites who profit from our misery. We knew these organisations were out there, but we also knew that after this difficult time we’ve all been through, everything could do with a kick start.

A bookfair might seem an unusual place to start that process, but we decided we needed a chance for people to meet physically, in a real-life setting, to see what others are doing, to exchange ideas, to learn from the experience of others what works and what doesn’t, even just to have fun together. It’s not just about books, it’s about ideas, and it’s about mingling with like minded people. The organisations behind the idea – the Glasgow Keelie Group, Glasgow Anarchist Communist Group, and the Spirit of Revolt – have worked together often, but we wanted to broaden out the connections beyond our own memberships.

It’s through that simple human connection that people will begin to reclaim agency. We can never do that by petitioning others to act on our behalf. We need self-managed community organisations; we need to build co-operative networks for mutual struggle; and if we want real horizontal cooperation, we need to meet face-to-face. And in doing so, hopefully inspire others to start their own initiatives, no matter how small.
So that’s what we wanted to provide: just a forum for people to meet and to begin that process of revitalising autonomous activity in our communities and workplaces. And there’s been a stream of organisations interested in taking part: people as diverse as the Clydeside IWW, the Autonomous Design Group, or Friends of the Peoples Palace. All with their own interests, but with a desire to reach out, to exchange ideas. So, if you want to reinvigorate your inner rebel, get yourself to the CCA on 7th May. We’ll be there from 3pm – 9pm, with a range of meetings, talks, and chances for informal interaction. Keep an eye on the website for updates, and please download and share our poster.

Red and Black Clydeside
Sar 7th May 3pm – 9pm
The Clubroom
350 Sauchiehall Street
G2 3JD

13th/14th May
Celebrating Kenmure Street- A Festival of Resistance

Saturday 21st May
Trans Pride Scotland. This year in Paisley


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Glasgow Events Fwd: Kill the Bill Protest. George Square this Saturday 15th 2:00

Apologies for the silence on this list. Your humble curator has struggled with burnout. But felt it important to spread this as widely as i can. Hope you all are well, safe and full of love and rage for a year of making the world a better place.

Glasgow Events TONIGHT Asylum seeker solidarity and glasgow mutual aid

First off, apologies for the lack of updates in the past couple of years. Your humble list compiler had some burnout, and the others who had been involved took a step back as well. However when I found out about the horrific ways covid has been twisted to attack asylum seekers in our city, I got the list reinstated and will endeavour to publicise events (particularly Black Lives Matter protests) again on a (semi) regular basis. In addition I know there are many of us frustrated that facebook is becoming the sole way that protests are being publicised, when for many reasons (including political, self care, real name/dead name issues) lots of folks aren’t on facebook, and we have many reasons to not trust that mega corporation. Therefore it seemed important to restart an easy way folks can keep aware of protests, actions, support, etc happening.

Please email with anything you want publicised.

Subscription and unsubscription information at the end of this email.

Tonight there is a demo to show solidarity with asylum seekers who are organising against the disgraceful, inhumane, opportunistic treatment they have suffered from Mears, an asylum accommodation contractor working on behalf of the Home Office. They have been forced out of their flats into crowded conditions, had money taken off them, denied medical care, and given substandard food, including mouldy and undercooked. More details

End Hotel Detention
Wednesday 17th June (TONIGHT!), 6pm George Square

Join us for a peaceful demonstration at George Square on Wednesday 17th June. This demonstration is organised by people who have been refusing food in hotels they have been forced into by Mears.

The No Evictions Network fully supports their three key demands:


People seeking asylum have been forcefully removed from their homes into cramped, degrading and unsafe hotels. They have had their financial support withdrawn. The food provided is substandard in quality, low in nutritional value and culturally inappropriate.

There are now over 20 people refusing food in the Ibis Hotel, McLays Guest House and Park Inn.

Adnan Olbeh, a young man seeking refuge from Syria died in one of the hotels in May 2020.

Despite this, pleas for change made by both individuals and
organisations have been ignored. Mears have continually tried to deny, silence and cover up the situation in the hotels.


*If you are showing any symptoms of COVID-19 or are more at risk to the virus please do not attend. If you do plan on attending, please wear a mask. Masks will be handed out to those who do not have one already. Social distancing rules will apply and there will be markings on the ground to adhere to the 2 metre apart guideline*


Glasgow Mutual Aid has been organising since the beginning of lockdown to help coordinate requests and offers of support for those

To get involved and to request and/or offer support, go to



Email future events including name/time/date/location/description to:

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Glasgow Events Autonomy Update 6th July 2018

Hi everyone,

Here’s what’s coming up in Glasgow over the next couple of weeks, as well as a couple of things a bit further afield. As always, let us know about any events or actions coming up by emailing us at glasgowaf

1. Sma Shot Day: IWW stall & parade – Saturday 7th July

2. LGBT Unity Fundraiser – Saturday 7th July

3. Protest Trump’s Visit (Glasgow) – Friday 13th July

4. Scotland United Against Trump: National Demonstration – Saturday 14th July

5. Nelson Mandela International Day – Wednesday 18th July

6. Critical Pedagogy: An Evening with Antonia Darder – Thursday 19th July

7. Edinburgh Anarchist Feminist Bookfair – Saturday 21st July

8. Roast the Fash – counter-protest to Scottish Defence League "Free Speech Rally" – Saturday 21st July

Glasgow Events Autonomy Update 12th June 2018

Hi comrades!

Here’s your latest Autonomy Update. If you have any events coming up let us know, and we’ll include it in the next update.

1. Are Workers Being Exploited? – Wednesday 13th June

2. Banner-making: Justice for Grenfell – Thursday 14th June

3. Grenfell Solidarity Vigil – Saturday 16th June

4. Ubuntu Women’s Shelter fundraiser – Saturday 16th June

5. Red and Black Song Club: German Songs – Wednesday 20th June

6. Living Rent: tenants’ action & organising meeting – Thursday 21st June

7. Where are you really from? Refugee Festival Scotland – Friday 22nd June

8. Scotland, Surveillance and Spycops – Saturday 23rd June

9. Glasgow Against the Arms Fair – Tuesday 26th June

Glasgow Events Autonomy Update 29 April 2018

Hello friends and fellow workers. May Day is this week and there’s no shortage of events in Glasgow celebrating International Workers Day – on the day itself and later on. We hope it stays sunny and people are reinvigorated to fight for a better world for all!

Many thanks to the folk behind May Day Week 2018 for the information they sent us and all the hard work they’ve put in organising events.

As always, please send us your events so that we can publicise them for you!

1. MAY DAY Parade & Rally – Tuesday 1st May

2. Radical Film Network (RFN) Scotland 6818 Launch – Tuesday 1st May

3. Radical History Walk – Wednesday 2nd May

4. Radical Imagination Presentation – Thursday 3rd May

5. Memories of Underdevelopment (Radical Film Network) – Friday 4th May

6. Songs for Revolution – Saturday 5th May

7. Trades Council MAY DAY March – Sunday 6th May

8. MAY DAY Picnic – Sunday 6th May

9. Spirit of Revolt Show & Tell Event (The Free Hetherington) – Monday 14th May

Glasgow Events Mini-update 23rd March

Hello all!

Just sending out a quick update today.

1. Anarchists and Friends social
2. Now and After

Glasgow Events Autonomy Update 4 March 2018

Hello everyone! Hope you’ve all survived the snowpocalypse and are desperate to get out of the house and do some stuff. International Women’s Day on Thursday is also International Women’s Strike, and there are events happening throughout the day.

Please send us your events so that we can publicise them for you!Here’s what we’ve found for you this coming week and one save-the-date for later this month:

1. ‘Against the National Project’ film screenings – Tuesday 6th March

2. Red and Black Song Club: International Women’s Day songs – Wednesday 7th March

3. Solidarity with IWW member standing trial- Free the Pride 5 – Thursday 8th March

4. Singing at International Women’s Day – Thursday 8th March

5. #Solidarity4Repeal – International Women’s Day 2018 (Glasgow) – Thursday 8th March

6. Universities on strike – Monday 5th March to Thursday 8th March AND Monday 12th March to Friday 16th March

7. Book Launch: No Problem Here: Understanding Racism in Scotland – Saturday 31 March

Glasgow Events Autonomy Update 30/1/18

Hello again everyone! Here is your Autonomy Update for the next two weeks. As always, email us your radical and autonomous events so that we can publicise them for you.

1. Fair Food – Dignified Distribution


2. Strathclyde University UCU Strike Support and Planning Meeting


3. Banner making for No More Trans Deaths Noise Demo


4. NEON Movement Building Application due


5. WestGAP Stall


6. Red and Black Song Club


7. Lessons from the Russian Revolution: Anarchist Federation Talk and Discussion


8. ACQuee Planning Meeting



1. Fair Food – Dignified Distribution

Wed 31 January 2018

12:00 – 15:30

Kinning Park Complex

43 Cornwall Street


G41 1BA

Glasgow Community Food Network’s Seasonal Networking Event for January.

For this event we are focussing in on food sharing projects and organisations. If you’re involved in sourcing surplus produce, community meals, feeding people, food distribution or any other kind of food sharing activity – this one is for you.

We’ll have speakers from different aspects of community food sharing and surplus food work, discussing their learning and experiences. We’ll have opportunites to discuss successes and challenges, talk through key issues and network collective action.

Coordinators, project workers, volunteers and participants all welcome.

Lunch will be provided by the Real Junk Food Project from midday.

Register for free online at:


2. Strathclyde University UCU Strike Committee Meeting



UCU Office, Livingstone Tower

The UCU (lecturer and support workers union) is going out on strike on February 22nd/23rd/26th/27th February over the attack on their pensions. There is a Strike Committee meeting which students wanting to build the struggle are welcome to attend. It is at the UCU Office, Ground Floor of the Livingstone Tower at 12.00-13.00 on Thursday 1st February.


3. Banner making for No More Trans Deaths Noise Demo



Glasgow Autonomous Space

We’re having a banner session for the No More Trans Deaths: Noise Demo down south! Come hang out with us and get crafty :~)

We’ll be joining various Action for Trans Health chapters, Manchester No Prisons at HMP Doncaster on the 11th Feb to protest the state-sanctioned murder of trans people.