Here are some good sites for more information about Anarchist ideas and practice:

  • Wikipedia has a good overview to anarchist communism, from its origins to modern practice.
  • Introduction to Anarchist Communism is a pamphlet by the Anarchist Federation giving one of the best short introductions to anarchist communism. Contact us if you would like a physical copy.
  • Libcom is the primary source of anarchist news, literature, views and debate in the UK. It has an awesome set of introductory guides, and a superb anarchist reading guide.
  • An Anarchist FAQ has a thorough look at anarchism and is particularly good at debunking the false arguments against anarchism often posed by Marxists, Leninists, Trots and other authoritarian “revolutionaries”. It also conclusively shows why right wing “libertarians” and capitalists are not anarchists by any stretch of the imagination.