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Police Are A Bunch Of Lying Scum Bags – SHOCK!!

After having claimed, after a rushed post mortem, that Ian Tomlinson, who died at the 20 protests in London, died due to natural causes we now see that he was clearly assaulted by the met.

Who would have thought that the police would ever seek to cover up their crimes?


Rally of Support For Schools Occupation

Around 100 people braved the weather today to support the parents occupying Wyndford and St Gregories primaries in Maryhill, Glasgow. Continue reading

Parents Occupy Wyndford and St Gregories Primaries

Parents have today occupied Wyndford and St Gregories primary.
In response to the councils threat to close 25 primaries and nurseries parents today took matters into their own hands and took possession of the schools.
At first police were threatening to use force to enter the building, secured shut by the parents, and to bodily remove them. However the large presence of supportive parents outside the school certainly dissuaded them from that course of action.
There will be a demonstration in support of the occupation at midday tomorrow.
People are also needed to put in shifts at the occupation.
The threat of closure of these schools affects all of us not just the parents and kids. It is a direct attack on all our communities.
See you there!

Locked In!!!

Locked In!!!

Safe as houses, well safer than it was now someone is standing up to the council!

Safe as houses, well safer than it was now someone is standing up to the council!

Death At The Hands Of Capitalism

This is no appeal to calm. Continue reading