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It’s My Party….an you’re no gettin’ in!

A week ago householders in parts of Govanhill received a letter from the Labour leader Iain Gray inviting residents-and their families to a meeting on Monday 2nd May at the Victoria Halls in Coplaw Street.

A number of local residents decided to take up this kind invitation. Continue reading


An Anarchist Call to Vote?

Nah not really. But sort of. But if you could spend a few minutes registering on a website you could help support vulnerable members of our community here in Glasgow. More after the jump. Continue reading

The Free Hetherington – Clothing Optional?

This happened a couple of days ago and we would have written about it sooner but we’ve been laughing so hard at the sheer oddness of it that we have found it difficult to put pen to paper…. well, fingers to keyboard.

Warning the story, continuing after the jump, contains images of graphic nudity and laughable stupidity. Continue reading

Wisconsin Wahey!

I’m pretty sure that we will all agree that what’s been happening in Wisconsin of late is pretty inspiring so here’s the Dropkick Murphy’s with a message for workers everywhere. 🙂

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New Zealand Earthquake Solidarity

Most of you will be aware of the earthquake that recently devastated Christchurch in New Zealand leaving many dead, many more injured and tens of thousands without water or power. The relief effort is massive in scale but, as we have seen elsewhere with similar efforts, many sections of society are left hanging and to fend for themselves.

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Fit For What?

Under the previous Labour Government FIT Notes replaced Sick Notes in April 2010. The Coalition has continued to target “the sick”, leading to a huge backload of Appeals.

The Medical Questionnaire for new ESA* claimants has been fine tweaked from the old one for longer term Incapacity cases, but the methods of conducting the interviews are the same. Dozens of claimants end up at Corunna House, in Cadogan St., near the old Anderston Bus Garage, Glasgow and few are awarded enough points to be classed as either unfit for work or could be fit in future with help, altered hours etc..

While filling out the Medical Questionnaire well may help, the fact is that ATOS the agency contracted to conduct the interviews are paid on results. Like “bounty hunters” they aim to get people of benefits & often people are awarded Nil or few points despite their GP instigating hospital tests, often not even started when the ATOS “expert” makes their decision. ESA Claimants are reduced to basic benefit on Appeal, which for those on their own NI contributions, is ironically better than they were under Incapacity when Appeals led to only means-tested claimants being eligible, and at less than the basic rate. Continue reading

Urgent : Massacre and Revolution in Libya – An anarchist call for solidarity

by Mazen Kamalmaz, Syrian Anarchist

The news that is flooding from Libya is very shocking. Qaddafi’s regime is perpetrating a horrible massacre against the masses in revolt, the mercenaries (the equivalent to the Mubarak regime’s baltajia) recruited by Qaddafi’s regime, besides the regular army and security forces, are opening fire at unarmed Libyan people or, in some cases, armed with only very light firearms. The regime’s repressive forces are not only using firearms, but also artillery, tanks, jet fighters and gunship helicopters. In a military sense, this cannot be a war. In fact, it is just a horrible massacre conducted by the Qaddafi regime under the supervision of the imperialist powers in Europe and US but, as ever, those powers are concerned only about oil and money, only about profit, not human rights or even human lives. Continue reading

Interview With Egyptian Anarchist

Below the jump is an interview recently conducted with a member of the Egyptian anarchist group Black Flag.

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Occupied Hetherington Wish List

The occupiers at the Hetherington have a list of items they need to help make the occupation successful. If you have any of the items below and want to donate them please swing by the occupation. Continue reading

Events at the Occupied Hetherington

The student occupation of the former Hertherington Research club has a plethora of events organised for the forthcoming weeks. Film showings, lectures, workshops and more. Below is a list of some of these events. We will update later on today with a full list of activities. Follow the links for more info. Continue reading