Rally of Support For Schools Occupation

Around 100 people braved the weather today to support the parents occupying Wyndford and St Gregories primaries in Maryhill, Glasgow.

Yesterday afternoon, Friday 03 April, parents and community members occupied Wyndford and St Gregories primaries in protest at council schemes to close them and rip the heart out of the community. Despite initial threats of the use of force from Strathclydes ‘finest’ the parents stood firm and now, 24 hours later, are still in occupation of the school.

News of the occupation has spread far and wide with the occupiers getting messages of support from occupied factories in Dundee, London and Northern Ireland. Over 300 text messages have flooded in already from places as far flung as Italy and Australia showing that people world wide are disgusted at the councils attempts to grind down our communities and inspired by the valorous resistance on show at the schools.

This afternoon around 100 people braved the weather to show their support for the occupation in a rally on school property. People from the local community, parents and kids as well as peple from other schools threatened with closure marched around trhe schooll and listened to speeches from the occupiers.

Parents inside the school are quick to point out that the protest insn’t just about saving Wyndham and St Gregories but about saving all the schools the council is threatening.

How much longer will it be before we shake ourselves free of this council that does nothing but attempt to grind our city into the dirt by selling off our common good, parks, galleries and libraries, and doing away with social housing. Now they want rid of our schools.

For community control!

For workers control!


5 responses to “Rally of Support For Schools Occupation

  1. Just wanted to note my support for the occupation. Has this been kicked off in any of the online social networks…facebook twitter etc?

  2. Aye there’s a Facebook group been set up and I believe there’s a Bebo group too.
    On Facebook do a search for Save Our Schools Glasgow

  3. And the Bebo is here
    and the parents have a blog on wordpress here

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