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A bit of Christmas cheer

A video to tug at your heart strings. Feel compassion fatigue melt away as if in a soothing bubble bath of pity. You can make a difference in these uncertain times.

Bleed the World

Friday’s Edinburgh Greek solidarity protest

Photos and information at the Alexis in Edinburgh blog. Saturday the 20th has been called as an International Day Against State Killing. More on this when we have it.

Manchester No Borders bringing the joy

Clue: if MigrationWatch, the Optimum Population Trust and the BNP praise your work as Immigration Minister: UR doin it rong.

Fuckwitted racist-or-cowardly Immigration minister Phil Woolas got pied when speaking at Manchester University yesterday. First in the queue, Manchester No Borders, who called him out on his economic and ecological nationalism.

“You can’t do that, he’s a Government minister”


Manchester video

Manchester No Borders have produced this video of the Freedom of Movement bloc some of us participated in in Manchester last month.

Classy piece of work, especially the way they speed up and slow down the marching.