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Manchester video

Manchester No Borders have produced this video of the Freedom of Movement bloc some of us participated in in Manchester last month.

Classy piece of work, especially the way they speed up and slow down the marching.

@ To B In Manchester

To coincide with the Labour Party conference in Manchester the Stop The War Coalition called for a protest march to demand the troops get pulled out of the various war we are fighting around the world. The Stop the War Coalition is a mash up of various well meaning do gooders, pacifists, trade unionists, quakers and the like though it is mostly under the control of the Socialist Workers Party.

For this years March the Manchester Anarchist Federation and No Borders Network put out a call for a ‘Freedom of Movement Block’. This would be a rallying point for those amongst the left tired of allowing groups like the SWP to dominate the anti-war movement and to show people that there is an alternative to the liberal anti war movement. Continue reading