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First off, apologies for the lack of updates in the past couple of years. Your humble list compiler had some burnout, and the others who had been involved took a step back as well. However when I found out about the horrific ways covid has been twisted to attack asylum seekers in our city, I got the list reinstated and will endeavour to publicise events (particularly Black Lives Matter protests) again on a (semi) regular basis. In addition I know there are many of us frustrated that facebook is becoming the sole way that protests are being publicised, when for many reasons (including political, self care, real name/dead name issues) lots of folks aren’t on facebook, and we have many reasons to not trust that mega corporation. Therefore it seemed important to restart an easy way folks can keep aware of protests, actions, support, etc happening.

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Tonight there is a demo to show solidarity with asylum seekers who are organising against the disgraceful, inhumane, opportunistic treatment they have suffered from Mears, an asylum accommodation contractor working on behalf of the Home Office. They have been forced out of their flats into crowded conditions, had money taken off them, denied medical care, and given substandard food, including mouldy and undercooked. More details

End Hotel Detention
Wednesday 17th June (TONIGHT!), 6pm George Square

Join us for a peaceful demonstration at George Square on Wednesday 17th June. This demonstration is organised by people who have been refusing food in hotels they have been forced into by Mears.

The No Evictions Network fully supports their three key demands:


People seeking asylum have been forcefully removed from their homes into cramped, degrading and unsafe hotels. They have had their financial support withdrawn. The food provided is substandard in quality, low in nutritional value and culturally inappropriate.

There are now over 20 people refusing food in the Ibis Hotel, McLays Guest House and Park Inn.

Adnan Olbeh, a young man seeking refuge from Syria died in one of the hotels in May 2020.

Despite this, pleas for change made by both individuals and
organisations have been ignored. Mears have continually tried to deny, silence and cover up the situation in the hotels.


*If you are showing any symptoms of COVID-19 or are more at risk to the virus please do not attend. If you do plan on attending, please wear a mask. Masks will be handed out to those who do not have one already. Social distancing rules will apply and there will be markings on the ground to adhere to the 2 metre apart guideline*


Glasgow Mutual Aid has been organising since the beginning of lockdown to help coordinate requests and offers of support for those

To get involved and to request and/or offer support, go to



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