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Round 2 of “British banks being battered”, get the popcorn in

I got this graph sent to me from inside RBS (they don’t have so much do to now that there’s no money left for them to count). Speaks for itself, really. Where did all that money go? Did it ever really exist?

"Market capitalisation" of banks, now and 2 years ago

"Market capitalisation" of various banks, now and 2 years ago


Property is theft! Proudhon 200 years on

200 years of Proudhon

200 years of Proudhon

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon is reckoned to be the first person to claim for himself the label of “anarchist” and yesterday was the 200th anniversary of his birth. His most famous statement was, of course, property is theft, still at the heart of anarchist economics but frequently misunderstood.

“Property” in this sense doesn’t refer to “personal property” – your clothes, your bike – which a person uses frequently. The property is theft type of property is your buy-to-let, landlordist, “location location location” type of property: the type of property, frequently housing, that is held by someone in order to stop someone else from using it (unless they pay you rent or some other condition).

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“Fuck me you look like an inbred”

OK, hardly a revelation but how could we pass up the opportunity to have a pop at Prince Harry? Not content with Nazi fantasies (takes after his great-great Granddad*?), he’s adopting the attitudes as well, being caught making homophobic and racist remarks. Which is hardly surprising, given the obvious relish with which he enjoys playing soldiers, putting military workers at greater risk. But it’d be wrong to single out one bad apple; this is a thoroughly rotten barrel of upper-class bastards.

Remember, show your betters the respect they deserve.

Taxi for Mr Saxe-Coburg

Taxi for Mr Saxe-Coburg

* – or whatever

A different perspective on the SHAC trial

People involved with the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) campaign were convicted of scary-sounding things before Xmas. Cue much hysterical mainstream media reportage. Regardless of your opinion on animal rights campaigns and their tactics, this piece by NETCU Watch(*) is of interest (for the balance it affords if nothing else), offering a less-hysterical take on the story and what the SHAC activists actually did.

Most importantly, it sounds a warning about the political police moving on to other groups.

Finally a message to all activists even activists who do not believe that this in any way applies to them and are pro vivisection. This is a precedent, the CPS and the police and their overlords in the multinationals have discovered something which will silence anyone who runs any effective campaign against the crimes multinationals are so famous (…) Some people will go to prison for much longer than if they had beaten someone half to death or raped a child, others will no doubt follow.

(*) – NETCU is the police unit combating “domestic extremists”. They take a very wide view of what extremism is and are very close to business interests. If you have taken part in a protest about a political or economic issue, they would take an interest in you. They don’t (officially) operate in Scotland but the plod here would be watching their work.

Merry Xmas

A Christmas card from Greece

A Christmas card from Greece

What do you want for Xmas? How about control over your life and your community?

It won’t just drop down your chimney. Make it your New Year’s Resolution.

Updates on Greece and Iceland

Aftaka provide another English-language update on the unease in Iceland, including a festive anti-Coke action.

Only with the help of 6 police pigs could the Coke trucks continue their way from the center, which means that a lot of parents had to answer their kids’ question: “Why did the police stop the nice and fun Santa Clauses?”

This is a country with a population lower than that of Glasgow but many of the same problems in terms of a clique-ish government wedded to stupid development plans and personal enrichment. While its size and remoteness might make it seem irrelevant, you could also look at it as the canary in the coalmine of capitalism as the coaldamp of the credit crunch creeps onward.

Meanwhile in Greece, the streetfighting has died down and occupiers are leaving University buildings. While this isn’t as photogenic as confrontation and property damage, it is an exciting development. This movement has not been defeated: the police and state singularly failed to break it up or (it appears) isolate it from the Greek population as a whole.

…some spirit that is already spreading like fire: Municipal buildings and town halls are being occupied across Athens, and popular assemblies (λαϊκές συνελεύσεις) are being organised in neighbourhoods of both Athens and Thessaloniki. In what turns out to be one of the most positive aspects of the revolt, people are starting to take back their lives: street after street, square after square, neighbourhood after neighbourhood. This is not about a government falling, about some “justice” being paid, about a mere meeting of some demands, a vindication of some sort. The people on the streets demand nothing; they occupy, they organise among themselves, they know that there is no way back to normality, that fighting this very normality is, quite literally, a matter of life and death.

IWW Xmas social in Dumfries tomorrow

Friends of ours are having a Xmas bash down in Dumfries on Tuesday night. You should go, it’ll be fun.

Our next big event is a benefit and fundraiser on December 23rd, 2008 at the Fifth Window, top floor, Tam O’Shanter pub, Dumfries. Performing will be the brilliant modern Irish folk band Choonz and the gifted, but sick comedian Mark Nelson. Click here for the pdf of the promotional poster.

Tickets available in advance from the Tam O’Shanter, Barnstorm Records or from us at iww_dg& or 0845 053 0329. Tickets are £5 or £3(concessions). Some tickets should be available on the night (though they might be a pound more expensive).

IWW Dumfries & Galloway branch

A bit of Christmas cheer

A video to tug at your heart strings. Feel compassion fatigue melt away as if in a soothing bubble bath of pity. You can make a difference in these uncertain times.

Bleed the World

Friday’s Edinburgh Greek solidarity protest

Photos and information at the Alexis in Edinburgh blog. Saturday the 20th has been called as an International Day Against State Killing. More on this when we have it.

Eruptions of anger in Iceland

One of the weekly demonstrations in Reyjavik

One of the weekly demonstrations in Reyjavik

Not to be outdone by Greece, the economic crisis has brought out a wave of popular anger in Iceland as well. This article by AFTAKA, Direct Action in Iceland is an excellent, detailed roundup of what’s going on there.

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