Repost: Furious telecoms workers barricade own firm in a dispute over unpaid wages

From the Daily Record:

“Telecoms employees parked a lorry with a digger arm over the entrance to Counsell Utilities Ltd. Thirteen workers say they haven’t been paid properly for weeks – and on Friday, they didn’t get any wages at all.”

We wish the worker all the best in getting their money out of Counsell Utilities and Carillion, and if we can be of any help then let us know what we can do.


One response to “Repost: Furious telecoms workers barricade own firm in a dispute over unpaid wages

  1. I know this is old news now but thought I had to say something. I used to work for Counsell Utilities. I helped John set the company up and was his personal assistant and ran the back office. I only worked for him for 3 months. I did all of this more as a favour for £60 a week! (Stupid I know). John didnt pay me for 2 weeks so I quit. As his PA I was very involved in his life so it really annoyed me that he would spend all of the money Carillion paid him on alcohol and cocaine instead of paying the staff and the companies debts. I can almost gurantee that Carillion will have paid John and he will not habe paid his workers as he will have spent the money on either drink or drugs. John had an investor who paid for the company to be set up who is a single father. He mortgaged his house to help fund John’s business. I feel so sorry for him as John will have bled him dry. I hope the workers got their wages but I highly doubt it.

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