Endless Contempt: our silence is more powerful than their prisons

Cautiously pessimistic

Anarchist prisoner Jerry Koch has been released after spending eight months inside for his refusal to give information to an FBI investigation targeting radicals in New York. Legally, the US government has the power to imprison people to force them to inform them on others, but they’re not allowed to imprison people as a punishment for not informing. So, as long as there’s the possibility that a prisoner’s will might break and they’ll agree to become an informer, the government can keep them inside, but if they can demonstrate that nothing will break their spirit and they’ll never snitch then there’s no legal grounds for keeping them locked up. This is how the Pacific North-West grand jury resisters got out, and the courts have now been forced to admit that Jerry’s resistance is equally unbreakable. In the words of the judge, “this court found him to be in…

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