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Angry Women Win!

The latest issue of our Resistance free sheet is on the streets! This special issue looks at the struggles of women, both historically and today. Articles include a look at:

  • Abortion struggles in Ireland and Spain
  • Legal battles for women in the UK
  • Gender and Factory Resistance in China
  • Women & LGBTQIA in Ukraine today
  • Free Women of Spain in the 1930s
  • Dealing with sexual harassment at work
  • Transgender struggles being side-tracked by mainstream acceptance
  • The Angry Women of Liverpool
  • Single mothers fighting social cleansing in East London

You can download the issue here!


Liberal feminism is also the enemy

The Guardian today published a piece entitled “If we get bogged down in the TERF war we’ll never achieve anything“. This piece of writing is cissexist in its own right, so keep that in mind before clicking through. Also if you are unsure on what a TERF is then I highly recommend reading this.

Anyway, taking the main thrust of the piece at face value it seems that it would be very easy for mainstream feminism to end the TERF war within its ranks. Kick the TERFs out. Refuse to share platforms with them. Strongly assert support for trans women as women and welcome them into their organisations. That’s what anarcha-feminists have largely been doing all along.

The only reason for keeping the TERF’s about is to keep them at war with trans women. This protects the relatively rich, usually white, feminist’s aspirations of becoming an accepted part of the ruling class while keeping working class women down. Never be fooled: Liberal feminism is just as much the enemy as the TERF.

ASIDE: There is still time to donate to AFEM2014, an upcoming anarcha-feminist conference taking place this October, full details here: https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/2mmvd/sh/23Rrn4