International News: Cuba Still a Bourgeois State

Reports are showing that the Cuban state seems to be continuing repression against anarchists, this time for hosting open discussions over new labour laws that are being introduced. The irony of the situation? It was the public Communist Party the official labour union line that the Cuban public should discuss the proposed legislation!

An article by Isbel Diaz Torez on the subject can be read (in Spanish) over at the Havanna Times.

A public debate of 13 people triggered a warning Cuban state security.

4 responses to “International News: Cuba Still a Bourgeois State

  1. Cuba has had a hard enough time even to implement various socialist programmes. It could nevr jump to anarchism. And we shouldn’t expect it to. I suspect many an ‘agent’ would like it to try. It is probably finished now even as a great attempt against US Capitalism, and anarchists often follow slogans that are suspect, instilled into the movement from outside it, etc. Anarchism today is too full of the old slogans. Instead of preaching insurrection, it should be preaching what anarchism offers. It should h spacey

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