Events For This Week (23rd – 29th July)

Some community/radical events & happenings for the week to come: from Post-Scarcity Anarchism, to Riot-Folk shows, assorted other things….


Tuesday 24th July
– ‘Beyond Scarcity’ Discussion (Glasgow Anarchist Federation)

Thursday 26th July
– Ryan Harvey: Occupy & Beyond (Songs & Stories for the Global Uprisings)

Friday 27th July
– Action Against ATOS – Picket ATOS in Glasgow

– Glasgow Critical Mass

Saturday 28th July
– Anti-BNP Demo Action: Stop the BNP in Glasgow

– Glasgow Harvest @Greyfriars Garden

– Shotts Mapping Party

Sunday 29th July
– IWW Clydeside GMB Annual Picnic

Tuesday 24th July
– ‘Beyond Scarcity’ – A Discussion on Post-Scarcity Anarchism
Electron Club, 1st Floor of CCA, Sauchiehall Street/Scott Street

Over 13,600 people starve to death every day and 14% of the world is malnourished.

Preventable diseases run rampant while charities and institutions fight one another for the funds to find cures. Workers take industrial action to prevent the deployment of technology that would save back-breaking labour while welcoming welcome businesses and projects into the community that will poison the environment for generations to come. Education, communication and entertainment are rationed based upon what you can afford. People create art and enrich our society but live in destitution.

Many try to get the best they can within this system. Many say this is just the way things are. Anarchist communists say there is another way…

Glasgow AF & Friends presents a brief introduction on the conditions that lead to scarcity in the world and how anarchist communism directly relates to the drive to create a post-scarce society, followed by a round-table discussion upon the issues raised

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Thursday 26th July
– Ryan Harvey: Occupy & Beyond (Songs & Stories from the Global Uprisings)
Garnethill Multicultural Centre, 21 Rose Street, Glasgow

Since mid-2011, Ryan has performed over 100 shows in 15 countries, including
over 3 months of performances at and around “Occupy” movement encampments in the United States. His songs and stories, themed around the global upheaval catalyzed by the Arab Spring and other mass protests across the world are meant to educate, instigate, and inspire.

Tickets are £5, £4 (student), or £3 (unwaged) – available from Monorail
Music & (discounts unavailable online)

Facebook Event –


Friday 27th July
– Action Against ATOS – Picket ATOS in Glasgow!
Cadogan Street, Glasgow

On Friday 29 June, FRFI (Glasgow), Black Triangle Disability Rights Campaign,
the Accord Centre campaign and others, held a noisy picket outside the offices
of French multinational company ATOS.

The picket was held in solidarity with all those being dragged through vicious
Work Capability Assessments as part of the Government’s programme to throw
500,000 people off Disability Living Allowance and deeper into the ranks of the
poor and unemployed. Meanwhile, companies such as ATOS are making a profit in carrying out this dirty work, and welcomed as ‘partners’ for the Olympics,
Paralympics and Commonwealth Games by their political friends.

This process is an attack on everyone, not just those at the receiving end. It
demands action now. Sick and disabled people across Britain are already taking
the lead in militant protests to end this brutal war on welfare – solidarity
must be expanded.

Join the next picket on Friday 27 July and the last Friday of every month –
bring your flags, banners, drums, placards and friends – enough is enough!

All welcome. Organised by FRFI Glasgow


Friday 27th July
– Glasgow Critical Mass
George Square, Glasgow, G1
5.30pm (for 6pm Start)

Critical Mass is a movement without leaders to promote cycling as a superior
alternative to car culture by showing the world that cycling is healthy for the
environment and for ourselves, sociable and lots of fun! People come together
(typically on the last Friday of every month) in cities around the world where
bicyclists and also unicyclists, skateboarders, inline skaters, roller skaters
and other self-propelled commuters take to the streets en masse, and create a
safe and social space by cycling together in a group. It’s not about “pissing
car drivers off” by being aggressive or confrontational. Instead, we reclaim
the streets by making the statement that WE ARE TRAFFIC!

Glasgow’s Critical Mass rides the Last Friday of every Month, meeting from
5.30pm, George Square, for an approximate 6pm start.

For Further Info –


Anti-BNP Demo Action – Stop the BNP in Glasgow!
Buchanan Street, Glasgow

On Saturday 28 July, the BNP will descend on Glasgow city centre for what
leader Nick Griffin is calling the “biggest nationalist demonstration ever in
Glasgow”. It follows their failed attempts – alongside their fascist chums
in the Scottish Defence League – to carry out activity on Buchanan Street
over two Saturdays in July so far. On both occasions, passers by and local
anti-fascists have united to show their opposition to the BNP and SDL – and
they were soon sent packing. Saturday 28th must be a huge show of force against
the fascists – they shall not pass!

Meet by Police Box/All Saints

Facebook –


Saturday 28th July
– Glasgow Harvest @Greyfriars Garden
Greyfriars Garden, Shuttle Street, Glasgow, G1 1QA
12pm – 4pm

Cooked up by arts charity NVA, Glasgow Harvest is a colourful celebration of
local food, which groups across the city can make their own. Join us for the
opening of Greyfriar’s Garden, the Merchant City’s new community growing
space with SAGE (Sow and Grow Everywhere).

You will find pop-up cooking stalls, growing workshops, free tastings, the Fife
Diet Seed Truck, and live music from Yuptae. Exchange your goods at This for
That, a home-grown exchange market commissioned by the Hidden Gardens.
Vegetables, herbs, jam… anything goes, as long as you’ve grown it or made

An international collaboration between artists Alex Wilde and Annechien Meier,
the market will also serve as a place for exchange of ideas and skills.

For Further Info –


– Saturday 28th July
Shotts Mapping Party
Central Scotland Forest Trust, Hillhouseridge, Shotts, ML7 4JS
11am – 4pm

Join us as we map the woods, parks, shops, paths, roads, monuments and green
spaces around Shotts. Help create a free map, displaying the natural and built
assets of the town of Shotts. We will teach you how to survey, edit and upload
to OpenStreetMap website. We hope to create a map to showcase the facilities
and points of interest of the area and help improve access and management in
the future.

Mapping parties are events where anyone can come and participate in the
OpenStreetMap project. OpenStreetMap is a free, open source map that can be
contributed, edited and used by anyone, anywhere. Mapping parties are social
events where experienced and new mappers can meet to share and learn more about
the project. The event is open to all.

It’s fun. It’s free. You can help!

Supported by the Central Scotland Forest Trust.

For Further Info –
Event Booking –


Sunday 29th July
– Clydeside IWW Picnic
People’s Palace, Glasgow Green, Glasgow, G40 1AT

Clydeside Wobs Annual Picnic, Assemble from 12.15, for 12.30 start at Dalton’s
Fountain, at the front of the People’s Palace (or front-entrance if raining).
Public happening for friends, family and fellow travellers. If raining other
nearby venues will be sought.

For Further Info –


If you know of any community based, radical and alternative goings-on, please let us know and we’ll try and include where possible.

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