How to be free? Tweets from a Glasgow Anarchist

By @woodycut

It’s been clear to me for some time that we are being used as playthings for the so called elites. Neither am I surprised by the daily stories detailing what they have been getting away with. They are very good at oppression and corruption; after all they have been refining those skills through the centuries.

It’s not possible to reform the system, it’s built to water down, buy out or neuter dissent.

Trying to live outside the system is tricky and you are always looking over your shoulder. The more successfully you live free the more likely you will be labelled a crank, or have your door kicked in.

So as ever we come back to the eternal question, how to be free?

I’m lucky to have faith that a sustainable life free from oppression is practical and possible. My politics define my gut feelings of equality and sustainability, together with witnessing examples of people working things out.

But most people feel that they need the state, progress and capitalism to be safe and happy. As a result they fear change that doesn’t fit their world view.

Shock is understandable if you think the system will look after you, when it doesn’t.

We must be ready with solutions and positive examples as individuals and communities begin to look for answers. There are people all around the world that have worked out better ways or have fought hard to keep old ways to live alive. As the state struggles with keeping the show on the road there are more people than ever getting involved out of necessity.

Growing a few veg isn’t going to cut it on its own. This is a war for survival and real struggle is ahead. We need to build community action and build alternatives that provide practical answers. Solidarity in struggle and real solutions will show people that “our side” is a realistic option for a fulfilling life.

The growth model is stalling and who knows where the chain reaction collapse will actually start? Let’s work together and remember what we have learned, dissent and resistance is nothing new!

We build a better world because it is right, not to prop up or create new markets.

A free, fulfilling and sustainable life for all, too much to ask?

By @woodycut


One response to “How to be free? Tweets from a Glasgow Anarchist

  1. No not to much to ask. At all.

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