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US Border Patrol Harass Lorenzo and JoNina Ervin Upon Return

Tony from the London Bookfair Collective just received the following message from JoNina Ervin about her and Lorenzo’s return to the US:

Hey, Tony,

Lorenzo and I are back at home in Memphis. We’re exhausted, but the tour was the trip of lifetime for us. Thanks so much for all you did to make it successful.
As Lorenzo predicted, the U.S. Border patrol harassed us when we landed at Detroit International Airport. Four or  five guards searched all  our luggage. One questioned us about what we’d been doing in the UK, asked us do we work, did we do any speaking, what did we speak about,  how much money we had, etc. Most of the questions were directed to Lorenzo, such as had he ever been in trouble with the law, did he ever write a book,  etc.
This was clearly meant to intimidate us, and we want to blitz the U.S. Border Patrol office at the Detroit Airport with email complaints from folks in the UK who hosted us on the tour and others who heard us speak. We’ll draft a sample email in the next couple of days  for people who’d like to participate in this campaign. We need solidarity to try to discourage the secret police from harassing us.
We’ll write more later.
Peace and love,
We’ll post up the email info they are talking about as soon as we have it.