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Scottish Universities in Occupation plus Glasgow Plans for Day X

Updates on the St Andrews University occupation

Edinburgh University Occupation ends on a positive note

Meanwhile in Glasgow, aside from the brief occupations on the 24th November day of action, Glasgow is yet to see much direct action.  Will this change?  Well, there is the upcoming day of action.  Here’s the programme :

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Wave of Anti Cuts Actions sweep Glasgow

As Glasgow refuses to take the austerity cuts lying down, there has been a wave of actions targeting the corporations benefiting from the capitalist system that is destroying the lives of the rest of us.  As one protester said “even if we change nothing, we aren’t going down without a fight”

The first protest came the day after the spending review, with TSB occupied for over an hour by a group mostly comprising of pensioners, but with several Anarchists involved as well.

Then, this Saturday just past, the flagship Vodafone shop on Buchanan St was blockaded for the entire day by a large group of SSY members, Anarchists and assorted others.  We were joined by at least 8 passers-by who stepped over that line to take part in there first ever non state sanctioned protest.

Today, RBS was occupied, again for over an hour.  As with all of these actions no arrests were made.