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Resisting Repression in Belarus

Belarus ABC Infotuor – Facebook Event
Thursday 28th Feb
Kinning Park Complex, 40 Cornwall Street, Glasgow, G41 1AQ

Glasgow Anarchist Federation and Glasgow Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) will be hosting a speaker from the Anarchist Black Cross in Belarus who will be talking about the severe state repression and harsh imprisonment faced by anarchists and other comrades. At present the Belarusian ABC are supporting five imprisoned comrades facing years in jail due to their political activities.

These convictions form part of an ideologically driven repression of anarchists in Belarus. They follow the revitalisation of Belarusian anarchism in the past few years. Unlike in some other ex-Soviet Union countries and other modern dictatorships, anarchists do not form a minor part of a dissident prison population consisting of the usual pro-democracy and anti-corruption activists. They in fact make up just under half of the ‘political’ prisoners in Belarus. This is partly because it is possible to have sentences revoked if you admit your guilt and write to the state asking forgiveness, which the five will not do.

The Belarusian ABC has campaigned consistently for them to be released and, in the immediate term, for them to be allowed visits, medication, letters and literature, and raises money for solicitors’ fees and to buy the comrades’ food. Supported by the International of Anarchist Federations (IFA-IAF) they are undertaking a tour of France, Italy, Germany, Spain and UK, to raise awareness and spark further solidarity. The latter have a good chance of success because Belarus’ President Alexander Lukashenko has expressed a desire for the country to be allowed to join the E.U. There are rumours that this may be considered if human rights in the country are addressed.