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Social Worker’s Wildcat Strike!

Last Friday members of the Glasgow Homeless Casework Team walked out on a wildcat strike following the suspension of a colleague who refused to cover the work of vacant posts. Then on Monday another 60 people walked off the job in solidarity with their striking co-workers after Unison talks with management over workload broke down. The number of striking workers has been increasing and a group of 70 strikers went to the City Chambers to call for the re-instatement of their sacked co-worker and against the high workloads and staff shortages. The walkout continues.

You can send a message of support to the striking workers via: enquiries@glasgowcityunison.co.uk

Donations towards their strike fund should be addressed to: Glasgow City Unison, 84 Bell Street, Glasgow G1 1LQ.

workers lobby the council


The Refinery Strikes – Against Capital Not Fellow Workers!

The current wave of strikes that have spread around the country are being portrayed by some as british workers resisting against an influx of foriegn labour. The unions themselves, unsurprisingly, are also peddling this nationalist line and the BNP are, like the parasites they are, trying to further racialise this strike.

Here’s what is being said about the strike on Libcom.org

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