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Glasgow Palestine Action Shut Down Drone Manufacturer!


Glasgow Palestine Action Shut Down Drone Manufacturer

A group of activists from Glasgow Palestine Action network have today shut down Thales UK, the weapons systems manufacturer, in Govan, Glasgow.

The activists climbed onto the factory roof, and blocked the doors, during the early hours of the morning and are planning to remain as long as possible. Activists are blockading both entrances, lying on the ground attached to arm tubes, and are occupying the roof.

The action is in response to the recent Israeli bombardment of Gaza, and the UK economy’s ever growing military industrial cooperation with governments that flout international law. In just over 7 weeks, Israel, armed with weapons supplied by the UK, killed more than 2000 innocent Palestinians.

Thales is being targeted today for their close relationship with Elbit Systems, Israel’s largest military company and the world’s largest drone producer.  In a joint venture, Thales UK is working with Elbit Systems to make the next generation of ‘Watchkeeper’ drones, a contact worth £1 billion.  These drones are based upon the Hermes 450, which was documented killing Palestinian civilians in Gaza in 2008-2009.  The drones are marketed as ‘field tested’ – which means they have proven effective at killing Palestinians.

Fifi O’Hara, one of the roof occupiers, explains: ‘Drones are a key part of Israel’s military arsenal.  By allowing this factory to export drone components and other arms to Israel, the UK government is providing direct support and approval to Israel’s massacres.’

Speaking about Scotland, Latrice Royale said:  ‘The UK government, and by allowing Thales to operate with Elbit systems, have blood on their hands.  Last year alone the UK government had 381 extant arms licences to Israel, worth almost £8 billion. We demand that the Scottish government puts pressure on the UK government to end arms sales to Israel. And also takes active steps towards ending the production of weapons systems in Scotland that are connected to apartheid, colonialism and genocide. Another Scotland is possible!’

Glasgow stands with Gaza – 6PM THIS EVENING!

Glasgow demo against the ground invasion of Gaza, today, Friday 18th, 6pm, Donald Dewar statue at top of Buchanan Street.

Solidarity Against the Home Office

I wanted to give a quick personal account of yesterday’s Stand Up For Our Rights protest at the Home Office buildings on Brand Street, as while on the face of it there was nothing unique, there where some points that made it stand out from other similar actions that have taken place recently.

First, and most importantly, this protest was primarily organised by woman refugees and asylum seekers themselves. Many of them have been waiting for a decision on their Home Office cases for over six months and now find themselves trapped in a limbo where they want to be productive but are denied basic rights; many are forced to live in destitution.  They wanted other groups to come out and show support side-by-side with them.

Despite the grim reasons for the event, the protest itself though was an upbeat affair. Drums (some from old water cooler containers), rattles, tambourines, and even a cowbell and an old cone were used as instruments. Although the pile sat lonely for a few minutes while people timidly looked on, out of almost nowhere a rhythm  started up and in moments every price of instrumentation was in use (along with claps and voices held high). People were smiling and chanting with spirits raised, rather than standing looking bleak and hopeless. When a round of music and chanting came to an end it would be one of the people effected by this struggle that would speak up, explaining the situation they where in and putting forward the modest needs they had. No specially selected talking heads at this demo, just words coming straight from the heart.

While this protest isn’t going to solve any of the issues raised directly what it did do was provide an important boost to morale. People from different parts of Glasgow where able to show solidarity in the way it was requested, as opposed to the protests where a group or organisation decides how best to help those who are struggling. This protest provided a place to listen and understand, and build bridges for future dialogue, while also bamming up the Home Office a wee bit, which is no bad thing!

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Via Unity:

MayDay bank holiday Monday, 5 May 2.00PM Dungavel Detention Center in SCOTLAND.

On Friday 2 May over 150 people detained in Harmondsworth migration prison staged a sit-down occupation of the main courtyard and began hunger strike. They issued a set of demands protesting against the cruel ‘Fast Track’ system under which refugees seeking asylum are immediately imprisoned before their claims are even heard, as well as further mistreatment in detention.

The detainees have been in contact asking for our solidarity and that we help their voices be heard outside the prison walls. We will hold a solidarity demonstration on the MayDay bank holiday (Monday 5 May) outside the prison to let them know they are not alone. Please bring musical instruments and anything that makes a noise so that they can hear us through the walls.

The Home Office have met with delegates of the protestors and said that they will give answers to their demands on Tuesday 6 May. The hunger strike is suspended while detainees wait for these answers. We want to let the detainees know we are with them in solidarity, and the Home Office know that we will not let the detainees’ protest be ignored and hidden. A simultaneous demo will take place outside Dungavel detention centre, South Lanarkshire, Scotland.

The Dungavel protest will be at 2pm. Transport is being arranged from Glasgow – we’re looking for extra cars! Please contact us if you’d like a lift or can offer a space in a vehicle.

It is difficult for people in Dungavel to see anyone outside so please BRING MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS to make noise with!!

Contact via facebook or phone 0141 427 7992

Dungavel is here.


The Unity Centre

Anti Raids Network

Stop Deportations

Right to Remain

Asylum Seeker Support in Glasgow

Here is a list of some of the material help you can provide asylum seekers and other victimised migrants in Glasgow:

1. Volunteer at the Glasgow Destitution Network night shelter – its seen a boost since Y people took over, and looks after 10-15 per night. Stay overnight.
2. Donate to the night shelter – GOOD food, not just the crap out of date cans you wouldn’t eat yourself.
3. Cook at the shelter – in case you can’t stay over.
4. Case work at UNITY – spend a day telling the UKBA and Home Office to fuck itself, and make sure lawyers actually do their job.
5. Support work at UNITY – look after kids so parents can sign in / face the UKBA. Or so they can do the shopping etc, often single mothers whose partners have been removed or detained.
6. Charity work at UNITY – work in one of the 3 shops./
7. Bike work at UNITY – fix bikes so people have mobility. Not just asylum seekers, but anyone. Based in Govan.

Unity: http://unitycentreglasgow.org/
Night Shelter: http://unitycentreglasgow.org/?page_id=474
Email: info@unitycentreglasgow.org
Tel: 0141 427 7992

Feel free to copy/share info. Comment below of you have any corrections or additional info and we will amend this post as required.

Stephen MUST STAY!

Unity are looking for some help to put pressure on Etheopia Airlines and the Home Office in order to buy some time for Stephen Apau to have his case reviewed. Full info over on the Unity website.


Dennistoun Diggers Need Help!

Via the Glasgow Local Food Network mailing list:

Hi all,

Some of you will know who we are, others maybe not. For those of you who don’t, we are a small group of volunteers based in Dennistoun who have been running a community garden for the past 3 years.

Milnbank Housing Association were kindly hosting us and out of the blue yesterday we received an email saying that they wanted us out by the end of January with no particular reason given. We are completely baffled and surprised (and hurt) by this.

Therefore we are looking for a space to relocate but in the meantime we need space to:
a) Store some of our equipment until we find an alternative space
b) Foster some of our perennials (artichokes, asparagus, herb barrels, fruit trees and bushes)
c) relocate some of our beds temporarily, ideally in the Dennistoun area – Does anyone know of anywhere we might be able to temporarily set up on? (Am also planning to contact councillors to ask if there are any stalled spaces available – we have a few in mind to enquire about). We would also need A LOT of help to do this – does anyone have any suggestions or advice???

Any advice/help/ support would be warmly welcomed. We are a bit at a loss as we have been given such a short time period to move on. As there are no paid staff for this wee project we are very limited on resources and time to meet the deadline.

Thanks in advance!

Sarah and the Diggers

If anyone can help them they can be contacted through their blog or facebook.