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A different perspective on the SHAC trial

People involved with the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) campaign were convicted of scary-sounding things before Xmas. Cue much hysterical mainstream media reportage. Regardless of your opinion on animal rights campaigns and their tactics, this piece by NETCU Watch(*) is of interest (for the balance it affords if nothing else), offering a less-hysterical take on the story and what the SHAC activists actually did.

Most importantly, it sounds a warning about the political police moving on to other groups.

Finally a message to all activists even activists who do not believe that this in any way applies to them and are pro vivisection. This is a precedent, the CPS and the police and their overlords in the multinationals have discovered something which will silence anyone who runs any effective campaign against the crimes multinationals are so famous (…) Some people will go to prison for much longer than if they had beaten someone half to death or raped a child, others will no doubt follow.

(*) – NETCU is the police unit combating “domestic extremists”. They take a very wide view of what extremism is and are very close to business interests. If you have taken part in a protest about a political or economic issue, they would take an interest in you. They don’t (officially) operate in Scotland but the plod here would be watching their work.