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Asylum Seeker Support in Glasgow

Here is a list of some of the material help you can provide asylum seekers and other victimised migrants in Glasgow:

1. Volunteer at the Glasgow Destitution Network night shelter – its seen a boost since Y people took over, and looks after 10-15 per night. Stay overnight.
2. Donate to the night shelter – GOOD food, not just the crap out of date cans you wouldn’t eat yourself.
3. Cook at the shelter – in case you can’t stay over.
4. Case work at UNITY – spend a day telling the UKBA and Home Office to fuck itself, and make sure lawyers actually do their job.
5. Support work at UNITY – look after kids so parents can sign in / face the UKBA. Or so they can do the shopping etc, often single mothers whose partners have been removed or detained.
6. Charity work at UNITY – work in one of the 3 shops./
7. Bike work at UNITY – fix bikes so people have mobility. Not just asylum seekers, but anyone. Based in Govan.

Unity: http://unitycentreglasgow.org/
Night Shelter: http://unitycentreglasgow.org/?page_id=474
Email: info@unitycentreglasgow.org
Tel: 0141 427 7992

Feel free to copy/share info. Comment below of you have any corrections or additional info and we will amend this post as required.