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The Face of Mark Duggan

This has been doing the rounds on the internet but bears repeating. If one picture can be said to have shown the world the face of Mark Duggan, this image would probably be it:

Mark Duggan

The media used the above image heavily when talking about Mark’s murder. Often it headed reports parroting police lies about Mark opening fire. Even in the best reports it was implied that he was a hardened gangster who got his comeuppance; after all a picture says a thousand words. This image¬†wasn’t just used in the right-wing press like the Daily Mail and the Telegraph, but also across the ¬†liberal and left-wing papers. However, lets take a look at the full picture:

This is a picture of someone going to lay a memorial on his daughters grave.

We all have pictures of us taken on bad days, scowling, angry, upset, hurt or even just frowning. When we see that photo of Mark Duggan let’s remember how the media colludes with the police to turn us against one another, and how they have no respect for a grieving father or a grieving family.