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RIC presents: A New Party of the Left Bingo!

It’s a classic lefty game for all the family, updated for the current political climate! Our self-styled would-be-leaders are all planning to surprise us (yet again) with a new political party, but what will it be called?


Click here for a full sized bingo card

If you are planning on going to Radical Independence Conference this weekend then feel free to click-through and print off this bingo card to play. As you walk about the event cross off each suggested phrase as you hear it.

SIDEGAME: If you are a wannabe national leader, politician, trade union bureaucrat, or even just aspire to being a high ranking member of the civil service or paid party member then why not help players out by picking upto three of the boxes at random and making it your pet name to suggest this weekend? (that is if the party haven’t told you what it will be already)

The first person to get five-in-a-row and shout out ‘TATTIE SCONES!’ at the top of their lungs wins!!! The prize is the experience of having relived the failed political ideas of the late 19th century. Enjoy.