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Strathclyde Occupation


Strathclyde University Occupied

Students In The McCance BuildingStudents at glasgows Strathclyde University have occupied part of the administration building at their university. They demand,amongst other things, that the university disinvest in companies that profit from Israeli aggression and occupation of Palestinian land and that the university funds scholarships for Palestinians who have had their universities destroyed in the horror of December/January.

This is an inspiring move from a student population who have been all too apathetic and self involved in recent years. The students all over the UK who have occupied their places of education deserve our support and our applause for taking a stand.

There will be a demonstration in solidarity with the students outside the occupied building at 11:00 am today.

The full statement from the students is below. Continue reading

Gaza demos in next couple of days – Edinburgh and Glasgow

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From Glasgow To Gaza

Saturday 3rd January 2009, as tanks and troops massed on the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip approximately two thousand people gathered in Glasgow to show their anger at and opposition to the Israeli bombing of the Palestinian people. Continue reading

Emergency demo in Glasgow

Today as people all around the world showed their opposition to the Israeli assault upon the people of Gaza, Israeli tanks rolled across the border into Gaza.

A coalition of different groups have called for people to gather in Glasgow tomorrow, Sunday 4th Jan, outside Borders on Buchanan St at 1p.m.

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An Anarchist Reports From Gaza

The latest series of attacks by the state of Israel upon the Palestinian people in Gaza has sparked outrage and protest around the world. Last Sunday saw a spontaneous demonstration in George Square and we will see another demonstration this Saturday.

The coverage of this most recent state massacre has been abominably reported in the mainstream press with the BBC talking as if there is some kind of balance of power between the Palestinians imprisoned inside the Gaza strip and the Israeli state. Whereas the reality is closer to the story of David and Goliath. Were Goliath armed with fighter jets and tanks.

There will be a demonstration in solidarity with the people of Gaza starting at 12:30 this Saturday leaving from Blythswood Sq.

Below we reprint a message from Ewa Jasiewicz an anarchist currently in the Gaza strip. Continue reading