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Born in Flames

Opening exactly ten years after a US democratic socialist revolution we are presented with a world where working people, especially working class black and latina women, find the liberation they have been presented with a sham. The Woman’s Army forms to tackle childcare issues, economic violence, street harassment and sexual assault, however the government attempts to track them the whole time…

Contains a scene of attempted sexual assault.


The Battle for Burgos

Via LibCom:

“There has been rioting all week in Burgos, Northern Spain over plans to redevelop a street at cost of €8m with the unrest even spreading across the country to the capital Madrid.”

With youth unemployment over 50%, 1 in 3 unemployed overall, dodgy dealings that make Glasgow City Council look like the worst they do is pinch sweets from the tuck shop, and a compete disregard for the residents has meant that the anger against the authorities is ongoing despite the mayor calling the planned development off.

The battle for Burgos

Spirit Of Resistance In Glasgow

After two weeks of occupying their children’s schools, in protest at city council plans to close them and 23 others, the parents of St Gregory’s and Wyndford primaries ended the occupation to a heroes welcome from the children and the community.

The occupation ended after the city council threatened to refuse to allow the children access to the school once the Easter break had finished. These bullying tactics, which the council hoped to use to stifle the campaign, has only served to make the campaign adapt its tactics.

Yesterday, 21 April, the parents of Victoria primary in Govanhill occupied their children’s school, some of them chaining themselves to the railings outside the school. They ended their protest at 08:00 last night as the council was again threatening the children with being snatched away to another school.

Click image for map to Our Lady of Assumption Primary

Click image for map to Our Lady of Assumption Primary

Parents at threatened Our Lady of Assumption in Ruchill then took to the roof of their school and have vowed to remain there until Thursday when the council will announce the cuts officially.

The councils threats to snatch children away to unfamiliar schools is a despicable ploy to attempt to drive yet another wedge through the heart of our community. By attempting to turn parents not involved directly with the protests against the those that are they seek to cease support to the campaign. What do they think we are? Stupid or something? Glaswegians are a savvy breed and know when someone is attempting to shaft them.

These are our communities, our schools and our kids that are under attack and we will fight for them!

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