Glasgow Events Antifascist callout : SDL marching in Alloa tomorrow + Dungavel demo Sunday

SDL in Alloa Saturday + Dungavel anti-detention demo on Sunday



Saturday 11th March. Alloa. Train leaves Queen St station 11:18. Assemble 12:30 Alloa train station.

Racist SDL are mobilising for a demo in Alloa tomorrow, Saturday 11th March whipping up local anger against a lack of affordable housing and redirecting it against refugees rather than the true culprits of capitalism, landlords and neoliberal politics.

We need to oppose this vicious argument that scapegoats those fleeing the violence of war and capitalism in other parts of the world, and stand in solidarity with migrants seeking a safe, dignified life for themselves and their families. As the wider working class we must stand united, regardless of the colour of our skin, demanding decent housing for all, rather than fighting amongst ourselves. Divisions in the international working class only benefits those who exploit us as they can play one section of the working class against another, leaving capitalism free of organised resistance to destroy lives, communities and the planet in the pursuit of profit and power.

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Shut down Dungavel – No detentions – No deportations
Sunday 12th March

STUC Statement on the Home Office’s decision to retain the Dungavel Removal Centre.

Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary, said:

“It is deeply disappointing that the Home Office has taken this decision. Dungavel has for too long been a symbol of all that is wrong in our immigration system and too many have suffered within its walls. Trade Unionists are clear that we must put an end to the use of detention. Our asylum system needs change at a fundamental level and continues to be riddled with issues around detention, unfair removals, improper questioning and destitution.

“We believe that the closure of Dungavel could have acted as the first step towards the creation of a better and more humane approach to asylum and we will continue to campaign for its closure and the fair redeployment of workers in the centre.”

Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees will be working with other campaign groups to ensure that there is a mass protest at Dungavel on Sunday 12th March.

Transport leaves from the front of Glasgow City Chambers. We’re meeting there at 11.30 for 12pm departure.


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