Glasgow Events ~~Glasgow Autonomy Update~~ 21.1.17

Hi everybody!

Here we have a massive Glasgow Autonomous Space celebration update – almost all the events listed here are taking place in Glasgow’s coolest free space! If you haven’t been along to check it out yet, here you will find plenty of opportunities. You can read more about GAS at

On another note, the Spirit of Revolt Archive have contacted us with a message about their need for scanning volunteers, here is their message:

SPIRIT OF REVOLT is the archive for the West of Scotland, covering anarchist, libertarian socialist and grassroots community material. It is located in the Mitchell Library.
A priority is to digitise by scanning most off the donated archives. At present we have a need for more volunteer scanners. With the possible exception of early Tuesday evening, all the scanning has to take place between approx 9.30-4.30 in the SOR room.
If you support the aims of SOR, work part-timer or are unwaged or have a flexi shift, contact me, as the Scanning Coordinator in order to arrange an Induction session. Most scanners do a 2 hour stint either weekly or fortnightly.
Keith Millar via hereandnowscot

Dance Party / بانگیشتن / Dawet / پارتی / 派对 / ግብዣ / حفلة
Sun, 22 January, 1700 – 2200
GAS, Tradeston Industrial Estate G5 8

!! A chance to get together and have an early evening DANCE !!

When darkness falls, come to Glasgow Autonomous Space (GAS) where there will be music and friends to welcome you !

Everyone is the DJ – there’ll be a laptop ready for people to put on songs.

Spread the word , see you there !

* the party space is fully accessible with accessible toilets too
** GAS aims to be a safe and welcoming space, there’ll be people on hand all night should people have any questions or concerns


Disaster Communism and Mutual Aid – Public Discussion
Monday 23rd January, 1800-2100
GAS, Tradeston Industrial Estate G5 8 (email for address)

“Besides the law of Mutual Struggle there is in Nature the law of Mutual Aid, which, for the success of the struggle for life, and especially for the progressive evolution of the species, is far more important than the law of mutual contest” – Peter Kropotkin

“Disasters, while producing undeniable misery, also bring to the fore the latent power of reciprocity, which always remains submerged, fractured and inchoate in the capitalist world of exchange. In this way, the kind of improvised, spontaneous mutual aid which characterises disaster communities points to latent potentials for radical social change.” – Out of the Woods

Mutual Aid is a key principle of anarchist theory. The belief, backed by much evolutionary, psychological and sociological research, that humans are naturally cooperative and that this tendency can, and must, be the basis of our social struggle and future society.

Far from a hellish war of all against all, the absence of capitalism and the state often produces the conditions for solidarity and collaboration. Disasters, natural or political, are dreadful and we do not wish them, but even in the worst conditions we should not despair.

We’ll discuss the history of mutual aid as an idea, the relation to disasters and people’s natural response to them, and what we can practically do right now for survival pending revolution.

Free and all welcome.


Arabic/English exchange
Tue, 24 January, 1800 – 2000
GAS, Tradeston Industrial Estate G5 8

Come and join us for the Unity* Arabic/English language exchange!

It is a conversation class where people can learn Arabic and Arabic speakers can learn/improve their English and get to know each other in a supportive environment – an environment where English is not put on a pedestal and everyone is learning.

The class started as a response to the limited spaces for people to study ESOL at college. Many are on waiting lists for many many months, so we wanted to act together so people could practice their English in the mean time.

Anyone of any level can attend. We also urgently need more English speakers!

An organisation called Arika has given us some money to provide travel expenses for those that could not attend the class otherwise, but this money is running out. Please help if you can:

Come on down! 🙂

*The Unity Centre has been open almost 10 years and offers unconditional support and solidarity to asylum seekers and all other migrants


Frackwatch Glasgow Stall and leafleting
Wed, 25th January, 1330-1530
Near Lush, Buchanan Street

Handing out leaflets and inviting folk to sign up to our petition and mailing list

Frackwatch Glasgow exists to campaign to keep greater Glasgow a frack-free zone, and to work with other community groups for a ban on unconventional gas extraction (fracking) everywhere.


Information Evening – Charter Flights + Resistance
Thur, 26th January, 1800-2100
GAS, Tradeston Industrial Estate G5 8

Following the currently raging 2 weeks of action against charter flights (, the Unity Centre have organised this information evening.

Join volunteers from the Unity Centre to discuss charter flights and what we can do to resist them .

The evening will be open to all and a space to learn and talk together.

We will speak specifically about:

– what charter flights are
– who is at risk
– why charter flights are a problem
– previous resistance
– future resistance

The evening will be hosted by Glasgow Autonomous Space ( GAS has a fully accessible entrance and gender neutral toilets.

GAS is at 53 Kilbirnie Street, G5 8JD. The space is a five minute walk away from West Street Subway Station, a two minute walk from bus stops in either direction that host the number 57 and a five minute walk from bus stops in either direction that host the number 4, 5, 6, and 7. The number 38 (all services) also stops nearby.

Useful reading here:

Information on the 2 weeks of action currently ongoing here:


Gender Queer/Non-Binary/Women Social
Sun, 29th January, 1000-1500
GAS, Tradeston Industrial Estate G5 8

We would like to invite folks to the first Gender Queer/Non-Binary/Women Social @ GAS!
*no men will be present in the space during this time*

The idea is to hold a regular space at GAS for Gender Queer/Non-Binary/Women folks to do whatever they want…there are lots of ideas but we would like the space to be shaped by the people who use it. This initial social will be a be a chance to drop in for tea/coffee or brunch, share ideas, meet people and begin to talk about getting some ideas off the ground. We hope to have a few more over the coming months!

There will be activities for children so feel free to bring them along and bus fares will be available, we also have some bus tickets which we can give people in advance if they/their group or organisation can let us know in advance.

Hope to see you soon!

Glasgow Autonomous Space is a free space for self-organised groups to meet for various events, although if you want you can donate to the space when you’re there. GAS has a fully accessible enterance, two toilets which are both gender neutral (and one an accessible toilet). However GAS can get really cold so be sure to wrap up warm! The kitchen is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible. The event will be child friendly- especially the creativity part!

GAS is at 53 Kilbirnie Street, G5 8JD. Although it is in a warehouse, we’ll make sure it is clearly signposted. The space is a five minute walk away from West Street Subway Station, a two minute walk from bus stops in either direction that host the number 57 and a five minute walk from bus stops in either direction that host the number 4, 5, 6, and 7. The number 38 (all services) also stops nearby.


IWW Open Discussion: Brexit and the class struggle
Tue, 31st January, from 1900
Electron Club of the Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA), 350 Sauchiehall Street, G2 3JD

The first of the year’s informal discussions on different topics hosted by Clydeside IWW. This time we will be talking about Brexit and what it means for class struggle organising.

You can read a couple of different perspectives by going to the Clydeside IWW facebook event (up soon!) or by contacting:

Everyone welcome.


Psychologists Against Austerity
Sat, 4th Febuary, 1300-1500
GAS, Tradeston Industrial Estate G5 8

PAA is an alliance of psychologists, therapists, service users and allies who are campaigning against the pressures caused by austerity measures. This is a meeting for the Scottish network.

Glasgow meeting – following up on our last one in Edinburgh. Come along if you can.

There will be short presentations by two masters students on their project exploring accessing benefits and a person with lived experience in this area.


Glasgow Autonomous Space is quite new, so new it’s not showing as a location for facebook! Postcode is G5 8JD.

*go through gates next to the “Calor Gas” car park just off

Kilbirnie Street, directly opposite Anaya/Lahore Indian restaurant. There is a small set of steps up to a door into side of the warehouse building. That is the space. Let us know if you have access needs as there is another enterance available. There are accessible toilets*


Capitalism and Jewellery
Thursday 16th Febuary, 1900-2100
GAS, Tradeston Industrial Estate G5 8 (email for address)

The history of jewellery: our connection to it socially and personally and the role capitalism plays in that. Led by a jeweller who is also an anarchist.

Jewellery is a universal form of adornment dating back tens of thousands of years. This talk presented by Maddie, a jeweller and anarchist, explores some of the history of jewellery; its socio-economic significance, how it relates to gender, class, the environment and how it has been used and adapted by over the ages. Prepare to learn a whole new side to jewellery; a vast global business based around mythology, sentiment, status, ownership, exploitation and extremely successful marketing.



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