Glasgow Events ~~Glasgow Autonomy Update~~ 11.1.17

Hey everyone,

Remember us? Been a long time! You can expect more consistent updates from now on.

Here we have a pretty exciting list of events with two A-Fed hosted public discussions in the next month and an open, unstructured evening this coming Monday, so come along and meet us all for a chat!

Two Weeks of Action on Charter Flights
9th-24th January
Glasgow Dates TBC – information in links below

The Home Office is using charter flights to deport and remove people from the UK at the cost of proper legal safeguards or representation for those whose cases are still in the system. Some people are even being lined up to be sent to the wrong country.

9-24 January 2017 are two weeks of action against Mass Deportation Charter Flights. More information on events happening throughout the UK here:
and here:

In Glasgow, the Unity Centre is confirming a date for an information session on charter flights.


Sisters Uncut
Thursday 12th January 1800-2000
GAS, Tradeston Industrial Estate G5 8 (email for exact address)

Sisters Uncut Glasgow are a direct action group based in Scotland who are fighting to defend domestic abuse services. This is an open meeting for all Sisters, old and new, so COME ALONG AND GET INVOLVED!

This open meeting will be held at the Glasgow Autonomous Space (GAS) within Tradeston Industrial Estate, please get in contact at for the address. The venue can get quite cold so please bring warm clothing. The meeting will start at 6pm prompt, though new Sisters are invited to arrive from 5.45pm to get to know us! There will also be a walking bus meeting at 5.45pm from West Street Subway and from the nearest bus stops on Eglinton Toll Road (called Wellcroft Place). There will also be sisters outside of the venue who can point you in the right direction.

Sisters Uncut Glasgow’s meetings and actions are open to all women (trans, intersex and cis), all those who experience oppression as women (including non-binary and gender non-conforming people) and all those who identify as women for the purpose of political organising. Invite your Sisters!

Children are welcome, we will be providing a crèche but please get in contact with us via so we know numbers for the crèche or in case you need travel expenses covered. Additionally, if you have translation needs you are welcome to bring a friend with you and if that isn’t possible please let us know via email and we’ll do our best to help.

There is an accessible entrance to the venue but the upper level is only accessible via stairs, we apologise that this venue is not fully accessible. We also invite people to contact us if they have any other support needs, we will do our best to help you feel comfortable and able to attend the meeting. There are also accessible gender-neutral toilets and baby changing facilities.

We ask that you try to stay for the entire meeting if possible, it will end at 8pm.

See ya there!


Fail Better
Thursday 12th January 2000-2300
McChuills, 40 High Street, G1 1NL

No chips, no Utopia, no ends of worlds, nada. But plenty of hings at Fail Better… this month we have…


as always, it’s FREE ENTRY and lovely bar staff.

we’ll also be collecting for DRUMCHAPEL FOODBANK so get yer tins out x


A-Fed Presents: A-Chat (Anarchist Chat)
Monday 16th January 1800-2100
GAS, Tradeston Industrial Estate G5 8 (email for address)

Many of you who’ve previously attended A-Fed public discussions will agree the best bit is the opportunity to have a chat, whether it’s about the discussion topic, some current affairs or your dreams of an anarchist future. This is why we’re presenting A-Chat: an open, unstructured  evening full of the finest anarchist chit-chat Glasgow has to offer!


Disaster Communism and Mutual Aid – Public Discussion
Monday 23rd January, 1800-2100
GAS, Tradeston Industrial Estate G5 8 (email for address)

“Besides the law of Mutual Struggle there is in Nature the law of Mutual Aid, which, for the success of the struggle for life, and especially for the progressive evolution of the species, is far more important than the law of mutual contest” – Peter Kropotkin

“Disasters, while producing undeniable misery, also bring to the fore the latent power of reciprocity, which always remains submerged, fractured and inchoate in the capitalist world of exchange. In this way, the kind of improvised, spontaneous mutual aid which characterises disaster communities points to latent potentials for radical social change.” – Out of the Woods

Mutual Aid is a key principle of anarchist theory. The belief, backed by much evolutionary, psychological and sociological research, that humans are naturally cooperative and that this tendency can, and must, be the basis of our social struggle and future society.

Far from a hellish war of all against all, the absence of capitalism and the state often produces the conditions for solidarity and collaboration. Disasters, natural or political, are dreadful and we do not wish them, but even in the worst conditions we should not despair.

We’ll discuss the history of mutual aid as an idea, the relation to disasters and people’s natural response to them, and what we can practically do right now for survival pending revolution.

Free and all welcome.


Mental Chatter
Saturday 28th January 1400-1700
GAS, GAS, Tradeston Industrial Estate G5 8

Peer support group for women, trans and non binary people. Free. Safe space to talk.


*go through gates next to the “Calor Gas” car park just off Kilbirnie Street, directly opposite Anaya/Lahore Indian restaurant. There is a small set of steps up to a door into side of the warehouse building. That is the space. Let us know if you have access needs as there is another enterance available. There are accessible toilets*

If you don’t want to list attending on facebook please email


IWW Open Discussion: Brexit and the class struggle
Tuesday 31st January, from 7pm
Electron Club of the Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA), 350 Sauchiehall Street, G2 3JD

The first of the year’s informal discussions on different topics hosted by Clydeside IWW. This time we will be talking about Brexit and what it means for class struggle organising.

You can read a couple of different perspectives by going to the Clydeside IWW facebook event (up soon!) or by contacting:

Everyone welcome.


Capitalism and Jewellery
Thursday 16th Febuary, 1900-2100
GAS, Tradeston Industrial Estate G5 8 (email for address)

The history of jewellery: our connection to it socially and personally and the role capitalism plays in that. Led by a jeweller who is also an anarchist.



Email future events including name/time/date/location/description to:

If you know someone who would like to be added to this list then please direct them to:

You can leave this list at any time by sending a blank email to:

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