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Again, massive apologies for the poor service of your “weekly” autonomy update. We have had some offers of help from a couple of regular readers/event attenders and we will be prioritising resuming regular service once life calms down a little!

To assist us, please email with events that you know are coming up to the list address, or bring details of same to the event below and feel free to speak to any of Glasgow AFed about this list.

In the meantime your humble list admin this week doesn’t have time for a proper listing and therefore excuse that once again there is just a single event announced again.

Hope you’re all having a good summer.

Love and rage.

Online Communications Security Talk
Tuesday 26th July
Glasgow Autonomous Space
Unit 11
53 Kilbirnie Street
G5 8JD

(go through gates next to the “Calor Gas” car park, directly opposite Anaya/Lahore Indian restaurant. There is a small set of steps up to a door into side of the warehouse building. That is the space. Phone 07828540512 if you are having trouble or to get in the non step entrance if you have access needs)

We are facing a radical re-organisation of our government due to the meltdown of the Conservative party in the aftermath of the Brexit vote, it is looking like Theresa May will be our next PM, she is best known for cheer-leading the Investigatory Powers Bill (Communications Data Bill) through parliament, taking over from a Prime Minister who thought we should ban encryption, she is even more set on increasing the intelligence services ability to collect citizens’ communications.

In light of the Snowden leaks and the constant work of whistleblowers, we are finding out more about the capabilities of the intelligence services in the UK and worldwide, The need for open communication is more pressing then ever with the rise of an ideological erosion of personal freedoms, in this age of mass communication.

Find out about the current technologies, and a framework for mitigating threats faced when communicating on-line.

Organised in conjunction with 57North Hacklab

Glasgow Autonomous Space,
Kilbirnie Street
Tuesday 26th July


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