Glasgow Events from 22/01/2016

Hi all,

Just a wee intro before the main listing to point out that this Saturday evening is a fundrasier for WestGAP with The Oppressed playing at Stereo. Tickets have been hot so best to pick them up in advance so you don’t miss out! Also, early on Tuesday next week the North Kelvin Meadow is being inspected and discussed by the council and a call-out for supporters to come along has gone out. On top of that, on Tuesday evening, we have a guest speaker talking on compulsory monogamy and how it is used as a means of control.



The Arts and Precarity: Forging New Solidarities

Friday, January 22 at 7:00pm

Kinning Park Complex, 43 Cornwall Street, G411BA (opposite Kinning Park Underground)

Register here —

This event combines radical cabaret with a day of academic-artist-activist workshop discussions.

Programmed in Glasgow’s Kinning Park Complex, an autonomous, resident-led social centre, the event will bring together a transnational network of artist-activists and scholars to discuss strategies for analysing and resisting precarious labour in a time of austerity.

The Arts and Precarity Cabaret, January 22 — 7 pm till 11pm

The Arts and Precarity cabaret will feature five artists exploring and resisting public funding cuts, precarious work and labour inequalities through text, films, music and performance.

The Arts and Precarity Workshop, January 23 — 10 am till 6:00 pm

The workshop groups will discuss precarious work across many fields, from freelancers in the cultural sector to zero hours service and education workers, from undocumented agricultural labourers to interns and volunteers.


Min Sook Lee (professor of fine arts and award-winning filmmaker of ‘El Contrato,’ a documentary)

Harry Giles (performer, poet, and general doer of things — writer and performer of ‘All I Want for Christmas is the Downfall of Globalised Late Capitalism’)

Richa Nagar (professor and author of ‘Muddying the Waters: Co-authoring Feminisms Across Scholarship and Activism’)

Geraldine Pratt (professor and author of ‘Families Apart: Migrating Mothers and the Conflicts of Labor and Love’)

Claire Askew (poet and award-winner of the inaugural International Salt Prize for Poetry)

They They Theys (poetry performance in English and BSL, melded with acoustic music and live visuals. Exploring disability, Deaf culture, class, race, gender and sexuality. Mostly mellow-ish, sometimes veering accidentally into punk)

Cachín Cachán Cachunga! (intersectional queer & trans arts company established in Edinburgh in 2009)

Caleb Johnston (lecturer in Human Geography and co-author of ‘Theatre, Politics and Transnational Justice’)

Fran Higson (filmmaker of ‘United We Will Swim….Again,’ The extraordinary story of a community fighting to save their local swimming pool)

Free vegan and vegetarian lunch catered by Soul Food Sisters social enterprise.

(BSL interpretation provided. The building is wheelchair-accessible by ramp. There are heavy double doors so please get in touch if you want assistance upon arrival. There is a level-access wide/large cubicle in one of the toilets, but no fully-accessible or stand-alone single accessible toilet. All toilets are gender-neutral.)

For more info contact: creativesolidarities


Introduction to Green Woodworking

Saturday, January 23 at 10:00am – 4:00pm

Green Aspirations Scotland, Tir Na nog, Balfunning, Balfron Station, G63 0NF

On this one day course you will learn about the relaxing craft of green woodworking. Working with sustainable timber you will produce everyday items to take home and cherish. During the day we will transform logs into useful wooden items. Starting by selecting timber, sawing and cleaving logs we will see how to make the most of the trees we use. You will then be shown a range of hand tools and how to use them to make a mallet or spatula. You will also be shown how to use the basic equipment for green woodwork, the pole lathe and shave horse.

Please, complete your booking form here:


‘An inspirational course from Green Aspirations. I’ve totally caught the green woodworking bug after just a few hours in the woods with Paul and Louise. Paul gives excellent clear instruction from an obviously huge depth of knowledge, with emphasis on safety, practical experience and having fun. Really opened my eyes to possibilities of ‘green wood’ and left me hungry for more…’

‘I’m totally sold on your ethos and what you are doing here and I love the way you present it, in such an open and approachable way with no judgement.’


WestGAP fundraiser: THE OPPRESSED with JOCK SPARRA and Random Scandal plus supports

Saturday, January 23 at 6:00pm – 3:00am

Stereo Cafe Bar, 20 – 28 Renfield Lane, G2 6PH

Tickets available in person at the WestGAP office Tuesdays and Fridays Also from tickets Scotland plus booking fee or via New Hellfire Club Glasgow with no booking fee. Get in there quickly folks don’t leave it till the last minute.

£15 waged £13 unwaged or WestGAP member.

WestGAP Fundraiser featuring

The Oppressed From Cardiff

Jock Sparra From Livingston

Random Scandal

The Fore Cups – An Ayrshire/Glasgow band usually known by another name but it involves a sweary word so changed to its rhyming pseudonym, so as not to offend 😉

Aftershow party from 10.30pm till late with DJ set from Miss Laura Elite and the Mixed Up Vinyl Club spinning the best street sounds.

WestGAP is an anti-poverty community group run by and for people in Glasgow who have first hand experience of living in poverty. Since 1997 we’ve been providing a free, independent and confidential advice service focusing on welfare rights, as well as providing support with housing problems, fuel poverty, homelessness and a broad range of other issues. We are totally independent, are not funded by government, and are not part of any political party or organisation. Our service is open to all and completely free.

WestGAP is run entirely by volunteers, and we depend on donations to keep our doors open. At a time when the rights of the most vulnerable residents of our city are being eroded, it’s essential that community advice services continue to exist, to support claimants in defending themselves against ill-considered policies and unfair decisions. All proceeds from this show will go directly to WestGAP, and will support the organisation’s basic running costs: rent, utilities, photocopying, stamps.

You can also become a member via the website, and get the tickets cheaper 🙂


Muyassar Kurdi European Tour Performances and Workshops

Sunday, January 24 at 5:00pm

Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre, Trongate 103, G1 5HD

“Chicago resident Muyassar Kurdi is the final act, delivering a Dadaistic performance that falls between musical absurdity and autistic choreography. Completely concentrated upon her bizarre ritual, the singer – dressed in black – emits tortured vocalisations and cries worthy of Yoko Ono in full flight, all of it juggling with electronic effects and white noise. It’s incredibly in-your-face and perturbing but makes you smile too: the sheer pleasure of making a racket…” L ’ Alsace (France) –French to English translation

Muyassar Kurdi is a musician, performance artist, dancer, filmmaker and educator from Chicago, Illinois.

In performance, she explores the relationship between abstract sound and meta-primordial movement, obliquely confronting ideas of masculine subjugation by re-appropriating and then distorting hegemonically sexualised figurative motion and juxtaposing it with random, abrasive and jarring acoustic and electronic sound components along with wordless vocalizations.

Kurdi’s engaging, lively workshops are focused on movement, voice and theatrical techniques with an emphasis on freedom of movement, spontaneity, meditative improvisation and the relationship between body and voice. She encourages participants to free their voices with wordless song and phonemes and builds interdependence between sound and movement through exercises built on trust, listening and slow, concentrated, ‘soul’-generated theatrics.


North Kelvin Meadow: We need you!

Tuesday, January 26 at 9:45am at the meadow and 11:30am at City Chambers

See below

Please come out to show support when the Council’s Planning Committee come to make a site visit at approx 9.45am on Tuesday 26th January 2016 . They will come and leave by bus, parking at the Kelbourne street entrance to the land.

Also please come to a demo straight after, outside the City Chambers on George Square as the Planning Committee meet inside at 11.30am to discuss whether the land be sold off to New City Vision Ltd to build 90 houses. They will also decide on The Children Wood Group’s planning application which is wanting to keep the land as it is , a wild green space for community use.

Ian Black will be making the presentation at the hearing on behalf of North Kelvin Meadow. Ian lives on Sanda Street and was actually the person who organised the original planting of trees and grass back in 1994. The wood and meadow we see today comes from that initial seed source. They were spurned on to do that by the Council taking away the goal posts in 1993 as they didn’t want to maintain it as a sports pitch.

Needless to say this is a crucial time for the land and its future. We feel over this last 8 years in particular (North Kelvin Meadow started in Oct 2008) we’ve made a very strong case for the land to remain as it is and not get destroyed. Council and Government policy backs that up but alas sometimes Councils don’t follow their own policy!

That’s why we need you out that morning, to show your support so we win this planning committee vote. There will be A3 posters given out on the day for you to hold up should you wish.


Compulsory Monogamy and Social Control

Tuesday, January 26 at 6:45pm – 9:00pm

Fred Paton Centre, 19 Carrington Street, G4 9AJ

This talk explores how compulsory monogamy became a social institution, drawing on the history of law, religion, and biology. It will argue that monogamy was something forced on women, while men, for the most part, remained free from its confines. It will also describe the role compulsory monogamy has played in shaping and defining heteronormative relationships (where heterosexuality and fixed genders are taken as the norm).

Whereas heterosexuality binds women to men in general, monogamy binds women to specific men. In the same way that heterosexuality is used to set apart ‘good women’ from ‘perverse’ ones, monogamy serves to define all women who transgress its boundaries as loose. Thus, in the same ways in which compulsory heterosexuality results in the dependency of women on men – physically, economically and emotionally – compulsory monogamy makes women dependent on specific men.

The talk will then think about polyamory* as a non-monogamous alternative from a queer and feminist perspective, and consider how it challenges the heteronormative discourse on relationships. Polyamory offers more than just the possibility of participating in multiple relationships, but also the potential for a new way to understand and think about relationships.

*Polyamory is a philosophy and lifestyle based around the forming and sustaining of relationships with multiple partners in an open, honest and non-possessive way.


This event is hosted by Glasgow AF. We ask that all those attending this event read the brief introduction to our safer spaces policy here:


Queeriosity – GRD Drag Party #2

Saturday, January 30 at 7:30 PM – 11:59 PM

Garnethill Community Centre, 21 Rose Street, G3 6RE

Pull out that waistcoat, get glittered, get fabulous and come as you want to Glasgow Roller Derby’s 2nd annual drag party – Queeriosity!

During the day GRD’s finest will be skating against Vagine Regime UK – – a team of queer-identified roller derby skaters from all over the country (Glasgow Roller Derby vs Vagine Regime UK – Double Header! ). It will be fast, it will be tense, it will be exciting. Following on from all that excitement we are inviting everyone to shake it up/ shake it down/ shake it all around in all manners of queer.

We will be holding a fantastically queer celebration and exploration of all things gendered and non-gendered. Watch for a lip-synch-for-your-life competition, green dinosaurs and a queer-ied polaroid photo booth. Get yer dancing heels on or kick them off and join us in collectively dismantling the gender binary and having a cracking time in the process!

Whatever your gender identification or presentation, come and play! Spend weeks planning the perfect look, or just come along on the night and make use of our queer cloakroom, where all manner of fierce and fabulous clothing and accessories will be available for you to borrow.

Queer fabulous – £3 entry/free for asylum seekers & refugees – queer cloakroom – photobooth – cheap bar – good time

We understand that the idea of a “drag party” can ring some alarm bells in the trans and gender non-conforming communities, so please be assured that we are working to create a safe and inclusive environment in which transness or gender presentation are never the punchline of a joke. This is not a space for ridicule or for wearing someone else’s lived reality as a costume – this is a space for free exploration and expression without judgement, prejudice, or the pressure of “passing” as anyone other than whoever you are or want to be.

Come dance with us, bring your pals, be yourself or be someone you’ve never been before, be anything you like, because you’re perfect in all your forms!

All proceeds will go directly into supporting our league and our teams – find out more about who we are and what we do at



Sunday, January 31 at 7:00pm

Kinning Park Complex, 43 Cornwall Street, G411BA (opposite Kinning Park Underground)

Howling Spoon is an international revolt of conscious-cutlery. We howl for every spoon who cannot howl for themselves. We have risen from our drawers to become cooks, activists, performance-makers, painters, sculptors, curators, collage-makers, poets, playwrights, and friends. As broth burps bubbles above a flame, we practice art and activism with a

chaotic surface, pitting joy against power.

And now we invite you to eat and play with us, to join our kindly nuisance…

At Howling Spoon Performance K!tchen, you will be fed a delicious pay-what-you-can vegan meal prepared using surplus produce from Glasgow’s greengrocers, whilst surrounded by a laboratory of gurgling new live art, song, theatre, and poetry. You will meet the howling spoons, shake ladles with them, and, we hope, perhaps begin to howl yourselves.

Guest performers to be announced very s(p)o0OO0o0o0oon…

If you think you might be a spoon, then you are a spoon. Join the uprising by messaging howlingspoon

S P O O N S O F T H E W O R L D U N I T E !


Ditching the Fear (film screening)

Saturday, 6 February at 7:00pm

CCA, 350 Sauchiehall St, G2 3JD

A recent documentary about logistic workers in Italy portraying the struggle of mainly migrant workers against the harsh labour regime within logistics and how this put workers’ self-organisation back on the wider political agenda.

Since the financial crisis in 2008, states, companies, and politicians have increasingly undermined workers’ and union rights all over Europe and beyond. However, unusual events have occurred in the southern Europe countries most hit by European austerity policies. We see low-wage workers developing new forms of effective and lively resistance. The documentary Ditching The Fear follows the struggles and actions taken by precarious migrant workers in Italian warehouses and logistics companies. Over ten days, the embedded film team discusses, fights with and documents what can be understood as the forefront of a new workers’ movement. With the help and experience of the grassroots union SI-COBAS, the migrant workers are effectively organising against their isolating and degrading working conditions, displaying a solidarity that is changing their work and lives.

The documentary (80mins) is in Italian with English subtitles. 
It has been produced by the team at and will be presented in Glasgow by Plan C and CounterinfoLab. The film will be followed by a discussion on recent struggles within logistics in Italy, India, Germany, and the UK. The producer will be present.



Saturday, February 20 at 7 PM

13th Note, 50-60 King Street, G1 5QT

PIG//CONTROL: Raging hardcore/punk coming over from berlin again to help everyone enjoy a serious bangover. Plenty of music to stream and download around, check it out!


RATS BLOOD: Abbrasive d-beat hailing from Ireland, also have a bunch of music to stream and download on this amazing new website called bandcamp.


Headless Kross:The heaviest, doomiest, loudest band in Gtown? Psych infused monolithic doom, not to be missed.

SICK OF TALK: New(ish) gruff punk from Glasgow, Fresh after the Tape launch in January, smash pints and jump around.

£5 OTD



Seminar Series 12: Lecture 4 – Geoffrey Pleyers: Mobilising Dissent: Social Activism in a Global Age

Tuesday, February 23 at 4:30pm – 6:00pm

The Lighthouse, 11 Mitchell Lane, G1 3NU

If you would like to register for the seminar, please do so via GCPH website:


Why All Cops Are Bastards

Tuesday, February 23 at 6:45 PM – 9:00 PM

Fred Paton Centre, 19 Carrington Street, G4 9AJ

The police are presented as an emergency service that are here to look after us. However a casual look shows that not only do they fail in this task, but that they are an actively harmful institution. The police use violence to prevent social change, enforce poverty, and control the working class. These problems are not a result of accident, mismanagement, or a few ‘bad apples’ in the force, but instead reveal the intended role of police in society.

This month’s discussions group will open with a short presentation on the historic reasons for the creation of the police, their current role in society, and a brief look at the social alternatives to the police. We will then follow this with an open discussion on the points raised.


This event is hosted by Glasgow AF. We ask that all those attending this event read the brief introduction to our safer spaces policy here:


David Rovics & The Wakes

Friday, February 26 at 7:30 PM

Govanhill Baths Community Trust, 99 Calder Street, G42 7RA

David Rovics world tour brings him back to Glasgow! David, The Wakes & Special guests TBC. The venue is the historic Govanhill baths in Glasgow.


The gig is open to 14s and over (Under 16s to be accompanied by an Adult).




City Bike Tour

Wednesday, January 27 at 12 PM – 3 PM

Glasgow Bike Station, 65 Haugh Road, G3 8TX

Want to explore Glasgow by bike? Join us on a cultural extravaganza!

Your tour guides Charlotte & Caroline will take you on a cycle across the city taking in a variety of notable hot-spots including; parks, art galleries, museums, markets, pubs and clubs.

Meeting at Glasgow Bike Station for a 12pm start, come along early to pump your tyres and lube your chain! Bikes available to borrow if you don’t have your own.

Easy going pace, suitable for all abilities.


Critical Mass

Friday, 29th of January at 05:30pm meet, 6:00pm start

George Square

Meet at the column for a gentle paced cycle around town.


Glasgow Roller Derby vs Vagine Regime UK – Double Header!

Saturday, January 30 at 12:30pm – 5:00pm

Lagoon Leisure Centre, 11 Christie Street, Paisley, PA1 1NB

Exciting double header season opener! Following up on our fab successful season opener in 2015, we’re doing the same again, only BIGGER!!!

Glasgow’s A and B teams vs the Vagine Regime UK A and B teams at the Lagoon Centre, Paisley!

We’re super excited to play at this new venue and we hope you’ll all love it too! we have TIERED seating, which is just great for getting a better view of the action!

The Glasgow Roller Derby vs Vagine Regime game last year was one of our biggest games and this year is going to be even bigger and better! Two excellent quality games back to back at a new venue: bigger, better lit, and with tiered seating so you don’t miss any of the action.

Online ticket £6.50 (includes booking fee)

On the door £8

VIP ticket £10 (including fee! – This entitles you to reserved seating, afterparty entry and a super-special goodie bag)

Afterparty only £3 on the door

And if that wasn’t enough, it’s followed by Queeriosity! our Drag after party at Garnethill Multicultural Centre (21 Rose Street, Garnethill, Glasgow G3 6RE).

More details on the party can be found here:

We really look forward to seeing you all (and your friends!) on the 30th!


The trains run direct from Glasgow Central to Paisley Gilmour Street and take around 10 minutes; they are most often the Ayr and Gourock trains. From the train station it’s a 5 minute walk.

Both McGills and First Bus run from Glasgow city centre and west end to Paisley town centre. The most common ones are McGills 17 and 38 or First Bus 9.

More information can be found here: and

The Lagoon has a dedicated car park but there is also on street parking which is free at weekends.

If you are flying Glasgow Airport then it is less than a 10 minute journey via taxi but buses are also available. If it’s Glasgow Prestwick Airport, the trains are also multiple per hour direct to Paisley and usually you get a discounted rate ticket too. (Also if you’re coming up to Glasgow you can get the ticket to Glasgow and just jump off and back on at Paisley)


United Glasgow

The club operates under dual core principles of anti-discrimination and financial inclusion.

Women (trans* inclusive)

5-a-side Drop-In – Monday Nights (Firhill Complex, Hopehill Road) – 7.30pm-8.30pm

11-a-side Training – Wednesday Nights (Firhill Complex, Hopehill Road) – 9pm-10.30pm

Contact the Club for men’s training times.


Email future events including name/time/date/location/description to:

If you know someone who would like to be added to this list then please direct them to:

You can leave this list at any time by sending a blank email to:

The Autonomy Update is brought to you by Glasgow Anarchist Federation. Visit our blog at:



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