Glasgow Events from 23/11/2015

Hi all,

As it is a busy week coming up for us (putting on a talk tomorrow and joining the sex worker & supporters bloc at Reclaim the Night), we thought we would put out the update now, rather than later. Also note that the last update had a few typos in it, so apologies for any confusion caused, and any upcoming events should now have the correct info shown. Thanks to those of you who contacted us to make us aware.


Drug policy, new and old — health ideals, the production of junkies and why old fashioned prohibition is still indispensable to the state

Monday, November 23 at 6:00pm – 9:00pm

WestGAP, 365 Paisley Road West, G51 1LX

Most would agree that some people will always take drugs, and some of them will lose control of their drug use. But in modern capitalist states there is more to drug use and to the ways the use of some drug is tolerated while the consumption of others is forbidden.

Why is there a drug regime aiming to control what people are doing to themselves by using “psychoactive” substances in the first place? Why do modern capitalist states keep up this “old fashioned” prohibition of drugs? Why are there new campaigns (e.g. propaganda for “resilient” drug-free lifestyles), and how do they fit with the old drug policies?

What are the stereotypes of “junkies” and “drug dealers” about? How does propaganda about drug use relate to the extremely popular contemporary desire of “being in control of one’s life” and “having a healthy body”?

Workshop by members of Critisticuffs, from London and Germany. Hosted by Glasgow Anarchist Federation. We ask that all those attending this event read the brief introduction to our safer spaces policy here:



Wednesday, November 25 at 12:00pm – 5:30pm

Umbrella Lane, 19 Argyle Street, G3 8ND

Umbrella Lane opens its door at noon for anyone wanting to prepare banners for Reclaim the Night march in the evening! Come along!


Glasgow Feminist Collective bloc at Reclaim the Night

Wednesday, November 25 at 6:00pm

Glasgow Botanic Gardens (main gate), G12 0UE

Support sex workers rights! No whorephonbia in my feminism! Join Glasgow Feminist Collective marching as part of a trans and sex worker inclusive bloc at Glasgow Reclaim the Night. Look for the red umbrellas and join in there.

Whose streets? Our streets!


Banner Tales of Glasgow – Illustrated Booklet Launch Event

Thursday, November 26 at 11am until 1pm

Mitchell Library, Blythswood Room


St Andrew’s Day Anti-racism March and Rally

Saturday, November 28 at 10:30am

Glasgow Green

No Racism: Refugees Welcome Here

Assemble: 10:30am Glasgow Green

March Off: 11am

Rally: 12 noon Glasgow Film Theatre

The rally will be an opportunity to hear the voices of refugees making Scotland their home.


One Hundred Years On: The Rent Strikes of 1915

On now until Saturday, November 28

Mitchell Library (foyer area), G3 7DA

Exhibition created by Spirit of Revolt archives of dissent to celebrate the Glasgow Rent Strike and other related events from 1915.


Conference: 100 Years On: Rediscovering the 1915 Clydeside Rent Strikes

Saturday, November 28 at 10:00am – 5:00pm

Kinning Park Complex, 43 Cornwall Street, G411BA (opposite Kinning Park Underground)

With the emergence of industrial capitalism, and the decline of the landed aristocracy, Keynes envisaged the ‘euthanasia of the rentier’ across the economic spectrum. Yet, with UK manufacturing in seemingly terminal decline, rent has returned with a vengeance. In particular, housing market speculation is now central to capital accumulation, producing disastrous social effects: the subprime crisis, housing privatisation, rack-renting, spiralling house prices, mortgage debt, gentrification, foreclosure, eviction, displacement, homelessness and over-crowding.

With the political economy of housing increasingly resembling the situation of 100 years ago, re-interpreting the 1915 Rent Strikes is an urgent necessity. Since community struggles over housing, social reproduction and consumption – typically undertaken by impoverished tenants and residents without funding or institutional support – have often been poorly recorded and analysed, rediscovering the rent strikes has much to teach us in the present era

With the present housing crisis in mind, contributors to a forthcoming book on the Rent Strikes (co-editors, Neil Gray and Sarah Glynn) will explore new historical interpretations of the Rent Strikes and their present relevance. These presentations will explore rent strikes beyond Glasgow, eviction struggles, housing privatisation, rent, the case for public housing and a range of contemporary housing struggles. They will be followed by Q and A sessions and a facilitated round table discussion on the contemporary housing question. We are interested in how a re-interpretation of the Rent Strikes can contribute to current housing struggles. This is a conference for academics and activists and anyone else who is interested, and presentations will be accessible without specialist knowledge. All welcome.

The venue is wheelchair accessible, and a vegetarian lunch will be provided. We regret that no crèche service is available, but parents are welcome to bring their own children. Please contact us with any special needs and we will try our best to resolve them (Contact: Neil Gray: neilgray00; Sarah Glynn: SarahRGlynn).

Getting there:

Full schedule, and research resources available here:


8-Bit Nights 15 – King Wine, Bubu, Sky Pope, Dream*Eater

Sunday, November 29 at 7:00pm – 10:00pm

Broadcast, 427 Sauchiehall Street, G2 3LG

From a deep slumber WE AWAKEN, to bring you more fun than your textbooks in school taught you was possible, with chipmusic from some of the best artists Scotland has to offer.

29/11/15 \\ 7-10 \\ £4

King Wine

It’s your favourite boy, Craig and your favourite girl, Ruthie, at it again! Hot off their performance at Superbyte festival 2015, they’re here to get really sweaty dancing to their own songs and laughing at their own jokes.


Bubu is back at Broadcast, bringing you beats in bits from the best (game)boys. Believe it. Expect cool stuff like dreamy drum and bass that makes you feel nice inside.

Sky Pope

Magic wonky loops from the mind behind famous musical projects such as ‘Aggro Lavigne.’


The first time we had Dream*Eater, they were a last minute addition to a show and we were not prepared for the good beats that were brought to us. This time we have prepared. We’ve reinforced the ‘dance area’ and we’ve all been to the cobblers to make sure we all have shoes that will keep our socks firmly on our feet.


Archives of Dissent exhibition

Sunday, November 29 until December 6

The Old Hairdressers, 20 – 28 Renfield Lane, G2 6PH

Organising from below is the cornerstone of the Archive which draws from collections of libertarian socialist activists in the west of Scotland. It is based in the Mitchell Library and the archive is being digitised. The exhibition will feature a selection from the archive.

Further Information

E: info


Blame Your Parents! – Professor Kevin O’Dell

Monday, November 30 at 7:00pm

The Admiral Bar, 72A Waterloo Street, G27DA

Doors open at 7pm. Kickoff at 7.30

What makes you different from your friends and family? Why do you look and behave as you do? Everything about you is a product of your genes, your environment or some combination of the two. But which bits of you, if any, are entirely genetic in origin? I any case all your genes and more of your environment is determined by your parents, so is it fair to blame them for the way you are?

Kevin O’Dell is Professor of Behavioural Genetics at the University of Glasgow as well as an award-winning science communicator. His academic work focuses on genes and sex-specific behaviour in the fruit fly, using and using flies as a model of human mitochondrial disease, especially deafness. In 2014 he received the prestigious Royal Society of Edinburgh Innovator in Public Engagement Prize for his outstanding contribution to public engagement through his skills in both genetics and communication. For the last six years he has also been working with Time-Tastical Productions on their Zombie Science and Superhero Science shows.


This is event is free to attend, although we will be asking for donations at the end of the talk. Participants are under no obligation whatsoever to donate, however please rest assured that the money we collect doesn’t end up in anyone’s pocket – it is used to fund our overhead costs, and travel/accommodation for our speakers who come from further afield.


Accessibility: As per the policy of the Admiral Bar, access to the venue “can only be provided to patrons who are sufficiently mobile and capable of independently evacuating premises, or with the minimum of assistance”. Unfortunately, this leaves the basement inaccessible to most wheelchair users.


Banner Tales of Glasgow night at the Old Hairdresser’s

Tuesday, December 1 at 6:00pm until 9:00pm

The Old Hairdressers, 20 – 28 Renfield Lane, G2 6PH

Through an appreciation of Glasgow’s political banners, this evening of film, live music and conversation, recognises and celebrates the important role played by community and workplace organisers in shaping our city.

Coinciding with the launch of an illustrated (free) booklet detailing key moments and testimonies from the Banner Tales of Glasgow workshops, the event will showcase the hard work of community and workplace organisers in Glasgow today and in its recent past. This will be done through the telling of stories from key activists about the disputes/organisations they have been involved with.

In addition the event will feature a number of related political songs performed live by a number of singer-song writers active in Glasgow’s political song scene, plus a screening of ‘The Govan Banners’


Open Evening for new night shelter volunteers

Wednesday, December 2 at 8:00pm – 10:30pm

Please contact us for details

Glasgow Night Shelter are looking for new volunteers to help cover over the holiday period when some of our long-term volunteers leave Glasgow to visit family and friends. We’re also planning to run a daytime drop in on Christmas & Boxing Day when everywhere else will be shut and our guys have nowhere to go.

If you’re interested in volunteering or want to help out over the holiday period, the Open Evening will be an excellent time to find out more!

Contact Phill Jones, the co-ordinator of the Night Shelter project, on 07929852264 or e-mail glasgownightshelter if you are interested in getting involved.

Financial donations can be made by donating money to the Glasgow Destitute Asylum Seeker Night Drop In account at any Lloyds TSB branch, account No: 75140563 and sort Code: 87-37-51.


The Man Who Never Died: Joe Hill Song Night

Wednesday, December 2 at 7:30pm

The Old Hairdressers, 20 – 28 Renfield Lane, G2 6PH

One hundred years on from Joe Hill’s execution, this night will be a celebration of his songs and legacy. The Songs of ‘Joe Hill’ are celebrated worldwide. He wrote them in the period, 1910-15, the last 20 months being held in prison in Utah on a trumped-up charge of double-murder. The Songs were inspired by the ‘Wobbly’ song tradition, which satirised religious and popular song.

Joel Hagglund was born in Gavle, Sweden on 7 October 7 1879. In 1902, with both parents dead, he and his brother Paul emigrated to the USA. For the next 12 years he train-hopped as a hobo, getting employment as a mechanic, longshoreman, machinist, logger and musician.

In 1908 he changed his name to Joseph Hillstrom after being blacklisted when organising Chicago machinists. Radicalised, in 1910, he joined the Industrial Workers of the World (‘The Wobblies’) in San Pedro, California, as a dockworker. Composing songs, he travelled as an Agitator from Hawaii to Canada, taking part in Free Speech Fights and organizing all the working class in One Big Union.

Working in Utah in the winter of 1913/14, he was arrested after a local grocer (an ex-policeman) and his son were shot dead. As a Wobbly and a hobo, shot in a separate incident, Hill became a convenient fall guy.

In prison, he corresponded with IWW Orator, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, and wrote songs. Despite an international campaign, the State Governor, William Spry refused to heed pleas for a retrial or clemency from the Federal US and Swedish governments. He was executed by firing squad on 19 November 1915. A funeral was held on 25 November in Chicago and his ashes were sent to every state in America with IWW locals, and also abroad to Australia and other countries.

It was a turbulent period when many IWW labour activists were assassinated, with employers using vigilante groups to liquidate unrest. But Joe Hill has become a legend and a role-model as an ethically-driven, musically-gifted lyricist, who continues to inspire those seeking social justice.

On facing execution, Joe Hill stated ‘Don’t waste time mourning, organise!’



Urban Political Movements & Solidarity Networks from Thessaloniki to Glasgow

Thursday, December 3 at 1:00pm – 2:00pm

The Old Hairdresser’s, 27 Renfield Lane, G2 6PH

Many cities in the global north are undergoing profound transformations since the outbreak of a more-than-economic crisis. On the one hand, the dominant political narrative promotes devastating austerity policies supported by an increasingly aggressive policing of public spaces and political disagreement. On the other hand, our cities are also the melting pot for a multi-faceted collection of progressive alternatives to austerity economics. This lecture will engage with this latter process. Grounding its analysis on the city of Thessaloniki, Greece it will explore numerous forms of urban emancipatory politics in times of crisis.

Thessaloniki’s contemporary landscape is the crucible for a profusion of emancipatory political experiments: from neighborhood assemblies, through social health clinics, to co-operatives and self-management efforts. Such diverse experiments are politicising everyday life in the city. While decidedly localised they articulate multiple links with other movements forming solidarity networks across Greece and beyond. This lecture will seek to trace the everyday political ethos that is forged through them and consider some of the possibilities, challenges and limitations that they open up for emancipatory politics. This discussion will, in turn, serve as an entry point to discuss urban grassroots politics in Glasgow and explore the similarities, differences as well as potential solidarities across diverse urban landscapes.


je suis LA(-BAS)

Thursday, December 3 at 7:00pm – 10:30pm (performances), then until 3:00am (afterparty)

Stereo, 20 Renfield Lane, G2 6PH

£12 / Union Member or Zero Contract: £8 / Student: £6 / Unwaged: £5 / After 11pm: £3

Join your hosts Mischief La-Bas for a fantastic night of ethical fun and performance! An exciting line up of invited Artists will explore, inform, challenge and entertain with work inspired by the notion of ‘ethics’. With funding from Creative Scotland, Mischief La-Bas is able to support the Artists in developing their work for this night. In turn you will be supporting the Artists as 100% of ticket sales will be split between them. After such a generous night of ethical exchange Mischief invites you to party with amazing DJ’s courtesy of Stereo.



Thursday, December 3 at 8:00pm – 9:00pm

Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre, Trongate 103, G1 5HD

Our pre-Christmas First Thursday music event at Sharmanka promises to be very special, as Alan Davidson, aka Kitchen Cynics, travels from Aberdeen to play amidst Eduard Bersudsky’s marvellous mechanical sculptures. Appearances by Kitchen Cynics in Glasgow are all too rare and this show is not to be missed!

The Kitchen Cynics set will begin shortly after Sharmanka’s own 7pm show has concluded, so a little after 8.

Donations will be collected from audience members as they leave following the performance.


Feminist Arts Activism in the City

Friday, December 4 at 1:00pm – 2:00pm

The Old Hairdresser’s, 27 Renfield Lane, G2 6PH

This paper contributes a critical feminist analysis about contemporary culture-led ‘regeneration’ policies. Through a narrative description of Heather McLean’s participation in community-engaged arts projects at the Toronto Free Gallery, an artist-run centre and activist space, she demonstrates how feminist arts activism highlights and critiques the many forms of exclusion that neoliberal urban policies and practices produce and sustain.

In some ways, community-engaged arts interventions can be complicit in such practices, particularly the production of spaces of white privilege and middle-class consumption. But neoliberal imperatives seldom define the city or the ways in which we experience city life.

This discussion will engage with Feminist artists and activists who are finding ways to performatively and playfully push back at exclusionary policies and craft collective spaces for critique.


Inventing the Future

Friday, December 4 at 5:00pm – 7:00pm

Yudowitz Lecture Theatre, Wolfson Medical School Building, University Avenue, G12 8QQ

We are pleased to invite you to join us at a public seminar with Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams to talk about ideas and demands in their new book, Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a World Without Work (Verso, 2015)

Abstract of the talk:

We live in an era where the greatest mobilisation of people leads to the smallest increment of change, where the future appears to have been cancelled. What is the source of this situation? And what can be done? This talk will analyse the recent cycle of struggles stretching from the anti-globalisation movement to the Occupy movements in order to uncover a common limitation. In its place, this talk will put forth an alternative path forward: one which liberates us from work and which constructs new modes of freedom.

The event is hosted by the Glasgow Human Rights Network with the support of the Socialist Theory and Movements Research Network and the Center for Russian, Central and East European Studies

The event is free and will be followed by a reception.

Please register on

contact: Zuly Mailzada




Saturday, December 5 at 12:00pm – 6:00pm

Fred Paton Centre, 19 Carrington Street, G4 9AJ

It’s bring and buy style – bring stuff you don’t need, donate it to us and we sell it to raise money for the Unity Centre. Or just come buy stuff – both good!

BRING clothes ! From 12pm – 1pm *

BUY clothes ! From 1pm – 5pm

Prices will start from £1 !

There’ll be lunch and hot drinks available too for a donation (no-one turned away for lack of funds). We will also have some nice music going on- feel free to come hang out with us all afternoon! Come on down ! Share and invite friends. See you there!

* if you can’t make it on the day, call 07749059540 and pickup can be arranged



The Unity Centre gives practical support and unconditional solidarity to asylum seekers and other migrants. The Centre has been running for almost 10 years now – initially founded in March 2006, we have a tiny office that is a 1 minute walk from the Home Office building in Glasgow. The centre is open Monday to Friday 9:30am – 5pm and we also run a 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency phone line.

We are a safe and welcoming space for people as they navigate the brutal and bureaucratic asylum and immigration systems.We share information and make referrals so people can access food, clothing, shelter, asylum support, other support, advice, legal representation and much more.

Often we work in emergency situations, so people don’t have to sleep on the streets or can access the care they need when they are at their most vulnerable. We also support those held indefinitely in immigration detention.

Unity does not receive any regular funding, we can only exist with the small but very valued donations that people who care about what we do give us. Unity is run entirely by volunteers and it is non-hierarchical, there are no staff on salaries, no hidden costs.

Having recently moved offices, The Unity Centre is in urgent need of funds to help with rent, phone bills, office supplies and other costs associated with running the space. As well as coming to the clothes sale, donations can be made via Unity’s website site – all are very much appreciated, especially as The Unity Centre’s work is needed more than ever.



Ideal Mexico Xmas Party: Islam Chipsy & EEK, Happy Meals, Dick-50, Merlin Nova, George Garthwaite

Thursday, December 10 at 8:00pm – 11:45pm

The Glue Factory, 22 Farnell Street, G4 9SE

Big end of year blowout featuring:


Happy Meals


Merlin Nova

George Garthwaite

+ Ideal Mexico Kitchen AND DJs.

More Info below:

Islam Chipsy & EEK

Exploding out of Cairo, Egypt Islam Chipsy and his band EEK are a three-way force of nature described by those who’ve been caught in the eye of their storm as one of the most exciting live propositions on the planet. At the core of the group lies electro chaabi keyboard pioneer Islam Chipsy, whose joyous, freewheeling sonic blitz warps the standard oriental scale system into otherworldly shapes, as flanked by Islam Ta’ta’ and Khaled Mando raining down a percussive maelstrom behind dual drum kits. Trailblazing large scale festival appearances so far have included CTM, Trans Musicales de Rennes, Dour and Flow.

Happy Meals

Loved up multi-lingual analogue disco that makes words like ‘cosmic’ and ‘really really great’ seem insufficient.


Conspicuous non-consumption since 2012.

Merlin Nova

Artist, performer, radio host, sometime milk maid, Merlin Nova is always a unclassifiable joy.

George Garthwaite

GSA’s favourite laconic poet, able to move through moods of joy, hilarity and melancholy with just a few of those lovely (West) Yorkshire syllables.


A Talk with James Kelman

Friday, December 11 at 10:30am – 12:00pm

Upstairs Community Room, Ibrox Library, 1 Midlock Street, G51 1SL

James Kelman, writer of short stories, novels and political commentary, gives a talk at Ibrox Writers in Ibrox Library. Free event open to public. Tea/Coffee/Snacks at “half-time”.


Raspberry Pi Day

Saturday, 12 December from 10:00 until 16:00

Department of Physics, University of Strathclyde, John Anderson Building, 107 Rottenrow East, G4 0NG

The Raspberry Pi day is an event for all levels of ability and involvement. Several talks will be given during the day, covering the basics of the Raspberry Pi, as well as programming and electronics applications.

There will also be a laboratory area, with Raspberry Pis for hands on, interactive demonstrations and space for additional guest projects to be shared with those at the event.


Eye witness report & film from the Frontline of the refugee crisis in Lesvos.

Wednesday, December 16 at 7:00pm

Boyd Orr room 513 (Lecture Theatre D), University of Glasgow

We are very lucky to be able to screen this short (25min) documentary shot this November on one of the islands considered the front-line of the refugee crisis. Focusing on the solidarity of ordinary people in the face of government-led racism and incompetence, this film will show how the working class in Greece are defying the state and showing their solidarity with refugees.

The director, Guy Smallman of Reelnews, will be travelling to Scotland fresh from the press film screening and will be on hand to give a Q&A on his first-hand experiences. You can check out his travel-blog for the project here:

This event is free to attend. There will be an opportunity to give a financial donations to send to Lesvos, but it is just as important to come along and raise awareness.

Co-hosted by Glasgow Anarchist Federation and Glasgow University Anarchist Student Group.


WestGAP fundraiser: THE OPPRESSED with JOCK SPARRA and Random Scandal plus supports

Saturday, January 23, 2016 at 6:00pm – 3:00am

Stereo Cafe Bar, 20 – 28 Renfield Lane, G2 6PH

Tickets available in person at the WestGAP office Tuesdays and Fridays Also from tickets Scotland plus booking fee or via New Hellfire Club Glasgow with no booking fee. Get in there quickly folks don’t leave it till the last minute.

£15 waged £13 unwaged or WestGAP member.

WestGAP Fundraiser featuring

The Oppressed From Cardiff

Jock Sparra From Livingston

Random Scandal

The Fore Cups – An Ayrshire/Glasgow band usually known by another name but it involves a sweary word so changed to its rhyming pseudonym, so as not to offend 😉

Aftershow party from 10.30pm till late with DJ set from Miss Laura Elite and the Mixed Up Vinyl Club spinning the best street sounds.

WestGAP is an anti-poverty community group run by and for people in Glasgow who have first hand experience of living in poverty. Since 1997 we’ve been providing a free, independent and confidential advice service focusing on welfare rights, as well as providing support with housing problems, fuel poverty, homelessness and a broad range of other issues. We are totally independent, are not funded by government, and are not part of any political party or organisation. Our service is open to all and completely free.

WestGAP is run entirely by volunteers, and we depend on donations to keep our doors open. At a time when the rights of the most vulnerable residents of our city are being eroded, it’s essential that community advice services continue to exist, to support claimants in defending themselves against ill-considered policies and unfair decisions. All proceeds from this show will go directly to WestGAP, and will support the organisation’s basic running costs: rent, utilities, photocopying, stamps.

You can also become a member via the website, and get the tickets cheaper 🙂




Kilt-ical Mass

Friday, 27th of November at 05:30pm meet, 6:00pm start

George Square

Meet at the column for a gentle paced cycle around town. This month, just for fun, we will be turning up with kilts and other tartan tat to adorn our bikes and make the journey a little more bracing and fun!


Glasgow Roller Derby Home Teams 2015 Season

Saturday, November 28 at 12:00pm

Glasgow Caledonian University ARC

Come and see the GRD Bad Omens GRD Death Stars and Tyrannosaurus Wrecks fighting it out for intra-league supremacy. It’s guaranteed to be a great day of roller derby!

Approximate timings for the day:

11:30 Doors open

11:50 Team skateouts

12:00 Bad Omens vs Death Stars

13:25 Bad Omens vs T-Wrecks

14:50 Death Stars vs T-Wrecks


United Glasgow

The club operates under dual core principles of anti-discrimination and financial inclusion.

Women (trans* inclusive)

5-a-side Drop-In – Monday Nights (Firhill Complex, Hopehill Road) – 7.30pm-8.30pm

11-a-side Training – Wednesday Nights (Firhill Complex, Hopehill Road) – 9pm-10.30pm

Contact the Club for men’s training times.


Email future events including name/time/date/location/description to:

If you know someone who would like to be added to this list then please direct them to:

You can leave this list at any time by sending a blank email to:

The Autonomy Update is brought to you by Glasgow Anarchist Federation. Visit our blog at:



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  1. Keep up the good fight. Saving the world from the arseholes that generally run it is a difficult task. I have been an anarchist for well over 40 years (1972). Best Regards, all the way from Oz. John Spencer

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