Glasgow Events from 08/10/2015

Hi all,

Another update after a short break away we are coming back with a packed set of events for October and beyond!


Counterinfo Lab – Kiss ma hole: autonomous struggles in Scottish politics and culture

Thursday, 8 October

CCA, 350 Sauchiehall St, G2 3JD

Part of The Shock of Victory Forum Events held at the CCA Glasgow

This workshop will subject ‘the problem with work’ to scrutiny by relating unemployed workers’ struggles in the 1990s to contemporary campaigns in conversation with activists, artists and writers.

‘Kiss ma hole’ are the starting words of Paul Reekie’s rebellious poem dedicated to the struggle of unemployed workers: an expression of joy, rage and disrespect for the British state. Unemployment benefits are a feature in most of early-career writers’ existence, artist and musicians often being associated with a strategy of refusal to work.Not only has this strategy come under increased attack, but the whole of the benefit system is currently envisioning a radical shift in the imagination of many political practitioners.The 2014 Scottish referendum has produced a new political landscape in Scotland and has seen the emergence of food banks as a surrogate for struggle: while a new rhetorical emphasis is placed on issues of poverty, democracy and participation, this has not extended to the nature of work and its meaning for impoverished communities.

Tracing the socio-historical assemblages created by processes of micro-compositions between marginal, often overlooked sections of society can provide a useful map for re-imagining autonomous politics in Scotland both beyond the referendum and outside the very borders of Scotland.Connecting the autonomous struggles of unemployed workers in the 1990s with contemporary campaigns against workfare, sanctions and benefit cuts we propose to explore the space in between theory, practice and action in conversation with activists’, artists’ and writers’ own experiences vis-à-vis Scottish politics.The insights that will emerge will be reflected on in the introduction to a collection of essays, edited by Counter-info Lab, which aims to document the relationship between writers and autonomous campaigns in Scotland before, during and after the referendum.

Proposed format:

In order discuss ideas of autonomous political imagination, we propose a laboratory for cultural and social engagement through the format of a workshop organised into three moments. The first session will take as its starting point 15-minute contributions by Leigh French, Harry Giles and Sacha Kahir on the relationship between contemporary artistic practice and culture on the one hand, and the system of benefits and work on the other. The second session will start with the screening of a video by Cameron Watt on direct action against workfare, and continue with 15-minute presentations by Lynne Friedli and Arianna Introna. We will finish with a roundtable conversation in which speakers and participants will be invited to discuss the connections between the different perspectives emerged during the day, in relation to 1990s autonomous struggles as captured in John Holloway’s 1990 ‘The Politics of Debt’ and James Kelman’s 1992 ‘Opening of the Edinburgh Unemployed Workers’ Centre’ (extracts will be circulated and read as starting points for questions on the day).

Who we are:

Counterinfo Lab is an autonomous left-libertarian collective of political and cultural analysis connected with the Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh. It has emerged from the ideas and discussions that provided the basis of the existing Info Shop and Scottish Radical Library groups. It operates in the spirit of Counter Information – a magazine based in Edinburgh which started in the 80s as a support initiative for the Miners’ Strike but developed into a broader project bringing together struggles from different places and promoting direct action in the UK and worldwide. We produce writings, translations and analyses of the existent social reality and the variety of struggles arising from it, for use by the movements we are active in.In 2014 we edited a self-published collection and curated a photographic exhibition under the name “Up Against the State: the Battle for Broughton Street and the Edinburgh Unemployed Workers Centre”. This was based on archival material, poetry, interviews and analyses of struggles of unemployed workers and the constitution of an autonomous social centre in Scotland.We are currently in the process of editing a book on the relationship between autonomous politics and Scottish writers, with Word Power Books.

Provisional Workshop Schedule:

Panel: Alessandro Froldi, Sacha Kahir – 10.30am – 11.30am

Coffee Break – 11.30am – 11.45am

Panel: Leigh French, Harry Giles – 11.45am – 12.45pm

Lunch Break – 12.45pm – 1.30pm

Panel 3: Lynne Friedli, Arianna Introna, with screening by Cameron Watt – 1.30pm – 2.45pm

Short Break – 2.45pm – 3pm

Roundtable Discussion – 3pm – 4pm

More info here:

Also, Lynne Friedli (from Boycott Workfare) is coming one day early especially to meet with groups in Scotland to discuss experiences and how we can connect our common struggles. She will be at the Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh 1-3pm on Wednesday the 7th, if folk could make it it would be amazing.


FAIL BETTER: Yer Tea’s Oot

Thursday, October 8 at 8:00pm

McChuills, 40 High Street, G1 1NL

Just don’t ask me if i believe all this bull. My head is empty but my bowels are full I don’t really think this way I did yesterday, but not today… zombies eat human flesh, but which part do you like the best? It’s OCTOBER. Mon down to McChuills for a monthly night of mayhem fae







fugitive punk poet who was once laureate of the Scotia, recently published in Gutter magazine now spits his chaos fae the stage JIM FERGUSON

MACGILLVRAY has walked in a straight line with a dead wolf on her shoulders through the back streets of Vegas into the Nevada desert, eaten broken chandelier glass in a derelict East Berlin shopping mall, headbanged in gold medieval stocks in Birmingham allotments, burnt on a sun bed wearing conquistador armour in Edinburgh’s underground city, breast-fed a Highland swan in Oxford and regurgitated red roses in Greenland. She remains the clan chief.

with an hectic and electic music taste with so much skill MICHAEL BOYLE will truly blow you away.

CATBOY’s solo sets are representative of both his bands work and solo work, rapping over anger driven music or funky beats to express all sorts of vibes! This will be his first Glasgow gig – let’s gi him a good weejie welcome!

Fresh faced Mickey 9-er DOUGIE SMITH takes to the stage to share a whole host of songs of proper heart and soul. A rare solo appearance and deffos not to be missed!

and the whole night will be hosted by the magical, diligent, incredibley sassy music and word maker CHRISSY BARNACLE!!

As always folks, it’s free entry. All money fae the night goes to the artists so chuck what you can in the bucket.


Salute: Film Screening and Discussion

Sunday, October 11 at 6:15pm

CCA, 350 Sauchiehall St, G2 3JD

The picture of the three athletes on the winner’s podium after the men’s 200 metres final at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics is still considered one of the most powerful images in modern history.

Salute tells the true story behind this iconic image, the story of American athletes Tommie Smith, John Carlos and the Australian silver medallist Peter Norman – three Olympic competitors who, in one peaceful but inflammatory moment of political protest as they received their medals on the podium at the 1968 games in Mexico City, would destroy their sporting careers and become a seminal and enduring symbol of the Civil Rights struggle.

This film was directed by Matt Norman, nephew of Peter Norman.

The GMB Glasgow General APEX Branch have organised this screening of Salute to mark the Show Racism the Red Card Fortnight of Action and Black History Month.

Following the screening, there will be a panel discussion with representatives from Show Racism the Red Card, GMB and United Glasgow FC.


ADVOCACY IS NOT A CRIME! Tony Cox Solidarity

Monday, 12 October

Everywhere including Glasgow

In solidarity with arrested Dundonian welfare advocate Tony Cox from Scottish Unemployed Workers Network(SUWN), the IWW, Edinburgh Anarchist Federation and Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty (ECAP) will join a host of groups including (SUWN themselves) who will take part in a Britain wide day of action in solidarity with him.

The attempt to prevent claimants being represented and accompanied is an assault on welfare advocates but also more importantly claimants and those on benefits- the worst off in society. We will not stand for this. If this goes unchallenged it will set a worrying precendent.

We are calling on activists across Britain to join us.

12th October: we will be outside Jobcentres talking about the right to representation.

13th October : Scottish activists will support Tony outside Forfar Sheriff Court.

Outside of Scotland, we’re suggesting groups can choose either day to be outside job centres talking to claimants about the right to be represented and accompanied.

Actions Planned:-


To read about Tony Cox’s case, see here


Document: International Human Rights Film Festival

Friday, 16 October – Sunday, 18 October

CCA, 350 Sauchiehall St, G2 3JD

Document is Scotland’s longest standing human rights film festival. Established in 2002, founders Mona Rai and Paula Larkin sought to counter the negative mainstream narrative surrounding immigration, refugees and the Roma people. Having shown 500 plus films in its thirteen year history – Document is continuing to challenge the status quo. Through collaborative community screenings to our ever growing national tour we seek to challenge and inspire. We are a proud member of the Human Rights Film Network and Radical Film Network – organisations that promote cultural exchange, education and human rights awareness through film. Our festival has and continues to be free for refugees and asylum seekers.

See the fill programme here:


Surround Dungavel #1 – SHUT IT DOWN – END DETENTION

Saturday, October 24

Dungavel House Immigration Removal Centre, Strathaven, ML10 6

We Will Rise are organising the first Surround Dungavel – SHUT IT DOWN protest in solidarity with Surround Harmondsworth, Shut Down Yarlswood and the growing END DETENTION Movement across the UK. It is NOT time for a time limit it is time to SHUT THEM ALL DOWN!

We Will Rise previously organised the End Detention WeekEND in Glasgow and it was decided that regular protests outside Dungavel were the way forward to get the message across.

Locking people up due to their immigration status is wrong, there is no way to operate a humane or safe detention system. On the 28th and 29th of September there were suicide attempts within Dungavel, health care is non-existence and NO ONE should be locked up because of their immigration status.

Join us on the 24th of October 2015. More details of transport and pick up points to follow. For information on how to get involved in organising this and ongoing protests and events with We Will Rise email we.will.rise





P.S Anyone keen to organise their own transport and/or car pools this is very welcome and will be a huge help.


An Introduction to Anarchist Communism

Tuesday, October 27 at 6:45pm – 9:00pm

Fred Paton Centre, 19 Carrington Street, G4 9AJ

The Anarchist Federation is an organisation of revolutionary class struggle anarchists. We aim for the abolition of all hierarchy, and work for the creation of a world-wide classless society: anarchist communism.

This month’s discussion group will give a short introduction to anarchist communism and how we think we can get there.


Glasgow AF discussion group is open and free to all, however any donations towards costs will be appreciated. Tea/coffee/juice/biscuits will be provided free of charge. Our venue is accessible to wheelchairs/powerchairs. We will also have a book stall from the RiB project with books and other related material for sale. We ask that all those attending this event read the brief introduction to our safer spaces policy here:



Tuesday, October 27 at 6:30pm – 9:00pm

African Arts Centre, 286 Broomloan Road, G51 2JQ

The next public meeting of the Glasgow Anti-Raids Network. If you want to get involved then come along and see how you could help!



*/Black Flags and Windmills:/**/Creating power from below/*

Wednesday, October 28 at 5:00pm

Venue TBC

This visual and engaging presentation drawn from scott crow’s critically acclaimed book /Black Flags and Windmills/ illustrates through stories, analysis and diverse political movement histories how individuals and communities can create collective liberation to change their own worlds by creating power from below. It covers how the ideas, philosophies and practices of anarchism have grown shaping and influencing modern political movements and tendencies from the post-Seattle alternative globalization movements to the Common Ground Collective after Hurricane Katrina, the Occupy uprisings, environmental and animal rights movements and beyond. It also covers the rise of the surveillance state and the implications of political activism being labeled ‘terrorism’. The presentation which is equal parts personal story, radical history and organizing philosophies asks questions about how we engage in social change, the real and perceived challenges presented by the state and power and dares us to rethink how we engage in creating sustainable and liberatory futures.

A short film about Black Flags and Windmills can be found at

This event is hosted by Glasgow AF. We ask that all those attending this event read the brief introduction to our safer spaces policy here:


Art as Solidarity: A Visual Presentation

Wednesday, November 18 at 6:45pm – 9:00pm

Fred Paton Centre, 19 Carrington Street, G4 9AJ

From a disenchantment with the mainstream (and pseudo alternatives to the) ‘art world’, to enthusiastic involvement with groups such as Workers City during Glasgow’s ‘reign’ as European city of culture in 1990, the Glasgow Anarchists in the early 90’s, various collaborations with Variant magazine over the years, active participation with the Industrial Workers of the World union, as well as a long term working relationship with AK Press & Distribution, Euan Sutherland has created hundreds of pieces of art and design works that have acted in support and solidarity for these and many other counter-culture and campaigning organisations.

Extracted from a substantial archive of artwork and related materials from the last twenty five years, this presentation will highlight a number of examples of work, their placement within a social and historical context and promote the idea that visual art can be purposeful and worthwhile without compromising aesthetics or a personal visual identity. Samples of work shown will include designs for badges, stickers, t-shirts, banners, postcards, prints, flyers, posters, magazine and book covers related to various actions, events, screenings, bookfairs, discussions, talks and publications, as well as their interlinked counterparts created as more esoteric ‘gallery’ based exhibitions or standalone artworks.


Glasgow AF discussion group is open and free to all, however any donations towards costs will be appreciated. Tea/coffee/juice/biscuits will be provided free of charge. Our venue is accessible to wheelchairs/powerchairs. We will also have a book stall from the RiB project with books and other related material for sale. We ask that all those attending this event read the brief introduction to our safer spaces policy here:



Saturday, November 21 at 5:00pm – 7:00pm

Glasgow Women’s Library, 23 Landressy Street, G40 1BP

Glasgow Women’s Library is proud to host an evening of trans women-focused readings and performance as part of the Topside Press UK and Ireland tour.

Featuring North American trans women writers, Imogen Binnie and Casey Plett, the night will also include performances by Glasgow-based trans women, a brief Q & A, and an introduction to the Glasgow Women’s Library as well as its trans archive.

Founded in 2011, Topside Press is an independent publisher focused on trans fiction and based in New York City. This tour aims to connect trans women artists from North America with their European counterparts, to foster creativity and community.

Please join us for what is sure to be an evening of art, performance (with more than a bit of humour) at the Glasgow Women’s Library!


Raspberry Pi Day

Saturday, 12 December from 10:00 until 16:00

Department of Physics, University of Strathclyde, John Anderson Building, 107 Rottenrow East, G4 0NG

The Raspberry Pi day is an event for all levels of ability and involvement. Several talks will be given during the day, covering the basics of the Raspberry Pi, as well as programming and electronics applications.

There will also be a laboratory area, with Raspberry Pis for hands on, interactive demonstrations and space for additional guest projects to be shared with those at the event.




United Glasgow

The club operates under dual core principles of anti-discrimination and financial inclusion.

Women (trans* inclusive)

5-a-side Drop-In – Monday Nights (Firhill Complex, Hopehill Road) – 7.30pm-8.30pm

11-a-side Training – Wednesday Nights (Firhill Complex, Hopehill Road) – 9pm-10.30pm

Contact the Club for men’s training times.


Critical Mass : October

Friday, 30th of October at 18:00

George Square

Meet at the column for a gentle paced cycle around town.


Email future events including name/time/date/location/description to:

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