Glasgow Events from 21/07/2015

Hi all,

A few interesting events this week coming, with planning for the social centre on Tuesday, an anti-raids planning meeting for those facing dawn raids from the racists in the UKBA and those wanting to support them taking place this Thursday, and the general secretary of the IWW speaking this Saturday coming.

Also, our good friends at WestGAP are looking for more people to head along and get involved. This can be through doing some admin around the office or by helping folks with claimants advice and enquiries. You can contact them through

As ever, if you know of any events coming up then drop us a line.


Glasgow Social Centre: Funday Planning Meeting

Tuesday, July 21st at 6:45pm – 8:15pm

Fred Paton Centre, 19 Carrington Street, G4 9AJ

Our next summer event is going to be a funday suitable for people of all ages that hopes to highlight some of the ways in which a social centre could be used in Glasgow. We would like your help in putting it together. So if you are interested in helping plan out this event, or just want to get involved in setting up a social centre, then head along and meet the rest of the collective!

Please note the change in previously advertised date.


Glasgow Anti-Raids Meeting

Thursday, July 23 at 6:30pm – 8:00pm

African Arts Centre, 286 Broomloan Road, G51 2JQ

Worried about dawn raids? Interested in joining together to resist them? Come along to this public meeting. Refreshments and childcare provided.

If you have information to share or want to talk then contact:


07448586481 (on Lyca Mobile)


‘YOUR CLASS NEEDS YOU’ – the Industrial Workers of the World 2015 national speaking tour

Saturday, July 25 at 7:15pm – 9:15pm

CCA Clubroom, 350 Sauchiehall St, G2 3JD

The National Secretary of the IWW, Dave Pike, introduces the fighting union, what it stands for and how it is winning victories for the working class – like higher wages for cleaners, permanency for temps and safety at work for fast food workers. The IWW sees the world as divided by the boss class and the working class, and no-one will fight for our class other than us.

We organise so that workers can win for themselves and are not reliant on Union full timers or politicians to fight for them. Come along to this event and find out what the IWW is doing in Europe and around the world, and how you can get involved. Fight for your class.


FREE Dance Event

Saturday, July 25, time to be confirmed

Kinning Park Complex, 43 Cornwall Street, G411BA (opposite Kinning Park Underground)

There will be a free family jam (dance, music, art) lead by a local talented dancer, Lizzie and Rebecca Moore from @TheGlasgowJam.

The session will be for two hours and is suitable for any ages, for all the family to participate (there will be opportunities for rest breaks for tired parents/adults)! If your family and friends enjoy physical play, dance, creating sound and art together then this is for you! The higher the attendance the more likely this will be offered again in the future so please tell your friends and spread the word.

Did I mention it is FREE!!!


The Festival of Code 2015

Monday July 27 to Sunday August 2

Tay House, 300 Bath St, G2 4LH

Young Rewired State <> is a connected community of coders and digital makers aged 18 and under. We introduce them to like-minded peers, and expert mentors, at free events around the world, where they focus on collaboration, skill development and using their digital skills for social good.

Every summer, we run the world’s largest annual hackathon for young people! The ‘Festival of Code <>’ is a week-long celebration of young technology talent, bringing together coders from all across the UK – and the world – to build projects together to solve real world problems. Over the past six years, we’ve worked with over 2,000 young people in the UK and abroad, with lots of our alumni now returning to mentor the next generation of young coders.

At the Festival our community gather from Monday to Thursday at volunteer-led local centres <> to make new friends and prototype projects using their coding skills and open data. They then come together for the Festival weekend where they showcase what they have built to parents, mentors, press, industry and expert judges, while having lots of fun experimenting with new technology and eating much pizza!

The Festival of Code 2015 is taking place from *July 27th to August 2nd, *with the Glasgow centre being run at Tay House by Waqas Arshid. Full information about the Festival can be found at


World Premiere of the first Live Brain-Computer Cinema Performance

Thursday, July 30 at 20:00

CCA, 350 Sauchiehall St, G2 3JD

This international production is the result of Polina Zioga’s doctoral research on brain-computer interfaces that provide the brain with a non-muscular channel for communicating with the external world. The real-time brain-activity of a performer and the audience controls the live audio-visual projections and the atmosphere of the theatrical stage, which functions as an allegory of the social stage.

The performance explores the life and work of Enheduanna (ca. 2285-2250 B.C.E.), an Akkadian Princess, the first documented High Priestess of the deity of the Moon Nanna in the city of Ur (present-day Iraq), who is regarded as possibly the first known author and poet in the history of human civilisation, regardless of gender.

In her most known work, ‘The Exaltation of Inanna’, Enheduanna describes the political conditions under which she was removed from high office and sent into exile. She speaks about the ‘city’, power, crisis, falling, and the need for rehabilitation. Her poetry is used as a starting point for a conversation with the work of contemporary writers that investigate the notions of citizenry, personal and social illness, within the present-day international, social and political context of democracy.

Performed in English, Greek, and French with English supertitles.

Please be aware of that the event will be filmed.

Tickets and more event information can be found here


Glasgow Social Centre: Summer Funday!

Saturday, August 8 at 11:00am until 4:00pm

Kinning Park Complex, 43 Cornwall Street, G411BA (opposite Kinning Park Underground)

Come one, come all, to our fantastic Summer Funday. This event is perfect for people of all ages! We hope this event will play host to a whole heap of activities, from stalls showing the kind of things people and activities you would likely find in a social centre through to to crafts and games for the young at heart.

A full programme of events and activities will be available shortly. If you are interested in having a stall or putting on an activity then get in touch!

The event is free, but we will be hoping to collect donations that can go towards our fund to setting up a social centre so a few quid per person could go a long way.




Critical Mass : July Jolly

Friday, July 31 at 6:30pm

George Square

Meet at the column for a gentle paced cycle around town.



Thursday, July 30 at 6:45pm

Hillhead Underground Station, 248 Byres Road, G12 8SH

Ever wanted to try parkour? Come along to Glasgow Parkour Coaching’s monthly Parkour taster last Thursday of the month!

This session is for beginners only and is a chance to get a taste of what goes on at our weekly adult classes. This monthly training session is a perfect opportunity for having a go at parkour.

The class is lead by an experienced parkour coach, and follows the format of all GPC classes. There will be a warm-up together, an introduction to some of the fundamentals of training, maybe some games, and a wee conditioning session too!

The training is free and open to people of all ages, abilities and levels of fitness. The training is specially tailored to beginners’ needs, and includes the fundamentals of parkour training. So come along and have a jump!!

This session is for beginners and new practitioners. So, if it’s your first time training, we’ll be super happy to see you!You don’t need anything special, just remember to dress in loose, comfortable clothes and to bring plenty of water. If it’s cold, wear layers you can take off easily, because we’ll warm up quickly but you don’t want to cool down to fast when you stop moving!!

As for shoes, your fav running trainers is all you need. If you have several pairs, choose the lightest ones with the most flexible soles: they’ll be the best for touch and sensitivity.


Email future events including name/time/date/location/description to:

If you know someone who would like to be added to this list then please direct them to:

You can leave this list at any time by sending a blank email to:

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