More of the Same

One person’s look at the aftermath of the election and their reason for rejoining the Wobs.

A (W) Hendry

So, the votes are in and it’s a victory for the Conservative Party. Which doesn’t really surprise me to be honest as there is nothing, aside from tie colour, to differentiate the two major political parties. They both offer the same ‘solutions’ to the economic crisis -class warfare dressed up in the rhetoric of austerity and fiscal cut backs. Many of my friends on Facebook today have been wailing and gnashing their teeth over the results of the election as they seem to believe that had the Labour Party won enough seats to form a government then they would have mitigated the onslaught of attacks on the quality of life that we have at the moment. The truth is that had Labour won the election, either with a majority or through forming a coalition with the smaller parties,  then they would have continued on the path laid out by the…

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