Liberal feminism is also the enemy

The Guardian today published a piece entitled “If we get bogged down in the TERF war we’ll never achieve anything“. This piece of writing is cissexist in its own right, so keep that in mind before clicking through. Also if you are unsure on what a TERF is then I highly recommend reading this.

Anyway, taking the main thrust of the piece at face value it seems that it would be very easy for mainstream feminism to end the TERF war within its ranks. Kick the TERFs out. Refuse to share platforms with them. Strongly assert support for trans women as women and welcome them into their organisations. That’s what anarcha-feminists have largely been doing all along.

The only reason for keeping the TERF’s about is to keep them at war with trans women. This protects the relatively rich, usually white, feminist’s aspirations of becoming an accepted part of the ruling class while keeping working class women down. Never be fooled: Liberal feminism is just as much the enemy as the TERF.

ASIDE: There is still time to donate to AFEM2014, an upcoming anarcha-feminist conference taking place this October, full details here:


3 responses to “Liberal feminism is also the enemy

  1. This article is sexist as hell too 😦 What was all that bullshit about girls in the playground about? Privileged piece of nonsense too – “why can’t we all just get along?” well easy for her to say when she’s not the one being excluded. “Bigger things to fight” – reminds me of how bell hooks described USA based white feminists 100 years ago refusing to address racism within the movement, and fighting for women to get the vote, ignoring that this would only apply to white women as people of colour were disenfranchised.

    Hmmm, somebody should coin a phrase for how people are oppressed in different ways … 😉

  2. Thanks for the article, is there any way I can receive an email whenever you publish a new update? kadkkecdckcb

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