This is how some of the major mental health charities work against the interests of mentally ill people

This piece shows how the third sector, while well-meaning, helps the Government in it’s attacks upon the working class.

Aethelread the Unread

Today, there was a conference on mental illness. It was addressed by the deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg. The text of his speech is here. Since he was speaking about mental health in public, he inevitably aired a number of clichés and over-familiar memes.

So Mr Clegg repeated, of course, the blatant lie that 1 in 4 people will experience mental illness at some point in their lives. (It’s either way more than that – if you include everyone who experiences short term, self-limiting mental distress – or way fewer than that – if you include only those people with enduring difficulties which severely affect their quality of life.) And he read out a list of the kinds of people who are affected by mental illness –

It’s a dad who is off work with stress; a mum suffering panic attacks; a teenager with an eating disorder or a…

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