Loyalist Jim Dowson builds ‘evangelical army’ for ‘holy war’

Liverpool Antifascists

A Britian First Rally
A Britain First Rally

Firebrand loyalist Jim Dowson is building an “evangelical army” in preparation for a “holy war” between Christians and Muslims – and he’s styling it on the UVF.

According to a shock report the convicted former BNP moneyman has even been organising so-called ‘fight clubs’ across the UK as he prepares his ‘troops’ to take on jihadists.

The Scottish self-proclaimed Reverend, who has been living in Comber for almost 20 years now, is the founder of far-right campaign group Britain First.

And according to anti-fascist campaigners Hope Not Hate, Dowson – who was at the forefront of the Union flag protests until he was charged with taking part in illegal protests – heads the fastest growing far-right group in the UK.

And according to Hope Not Hate’s research director Matthew Collins, the former BNP bankroller has drawn on his experience of rubbing shoulders with loyalist paramilitaries in…

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One response to “Loyalist Jim Dowson builds ‘evangelical army’ for ‘holy war’

  1. jonathonproctor

    Love the post guys

    Iv just write a article about these disgusting racists and their disasterous trip up north 🙂

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