Armed Forces Day – is it manipulative?

armed forces TV

Jeremy Vine on Radio 2 discusses Armed Forces Day and the Quaker’s summation of the event as “…stirring music, smart uniforms and synchronised marching that characterise Armed Forces Day are a glossy front behind which sits a deliberate strategy to manipulate the public.”

The Quakers support International Peace day, described by guest Marigold Bentley as a day to “explore and mark all the alternative possibilities that exist, all the time, which do not involve organising towards killing.”

Jeremy Vine:
“What do you think Armed Forces Day is doing to us all as a society?”

Marigold Bentley: “It’s part of an overall approach which is attempting to encourage people to not criticise militarised approaches. It is part of the assumption that we have to engage in war on most of our fronts and obviously for Quakers in Britain [we] regard that as something that is a failure – war is…

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