Organised Anarchists? Workshop/Discussion

Wed 21st May
18:45 – 21:00
Fred Paton Centre, 19 Carrington Street, Glasgow, G4 9AJ.
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‘Anarchism is not a beautiful utopia, nor an abstract philosophical idea, it is a social movement of the labouring masses.’ – The Organisational Platform of the General Union of Anarchists (draft)

‘Anarchism is organisation, organisation and more organisation.’ – Errico Malatesta

A common question raised at our monthly discussions is to ask what we need to do to win victories in the struggles we face. This short talk aims to present a view of what we in the Anarchist Federation mean when we talk about revolutionary organisations and what role they play as part of the working class. We will then open the discussion to look at the practical methods of organisation that we could all take into our lives, whether we are anarchists or not.

Come along and be part of the discussion.


Glasgow AF discussion group is open and free to all, however any donations towards costs will be appreciated. Tea/coffee/juice/biscuits will be provided free of charge. Our venue is accessible to wheelchairs/powerchairs. We ask that all those attending this event read the brief introduction to our safer spaces policy here. We will also be joined by a stall from the Radical Independent Bookfair project who will be bringing books, pamphlets, stickers and other items related to the talk for sale.


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