Via Unity:

MayDay bank holiday Monday, 5 May 2.00PM Dungavel Detention Center in SCOTLAND.

On Friday 2 May over 150 people detained in Harmondsworth migration prison staged a sit-down occupation of the main courtyard and began hunger strike. They issued a set of demands protesting against the cruel ‘Fast Track’ system under which refugees seeking asylum are immediately imprisoned before their claims are even heard, as well as further mistreatment in detention.

The detainees have been in contact asking for our solidarity and that we help their voices be heard outside the prison walls. We will hold a solidarity demonstration on the MayDay bank holiday (Monday 5 May) outside the prison to let them know they are not alone. Please bring musical instruments and anything that makes a noise so that they can hear us through the walls.

The Home Office have met with delegates of the protestors and said that they will give answers to their demands on Tuesday 6 May. The hunger strike is suspended while detainees wait for these answers. We want to let the detainees know we are with them in solidarity, and the Home Office know that we will not let the detainees’ protest be ignored and hidden. A simultaneous demo will take place outside Dungavel detention centre, South Lanarkshire, Scotland.

The Dungavel protest will be at 2pm. Transport is being arranged from Glasgow – we’re looking for extra cars! Please contact us if you’d like a lift or can offer a space in a vehicle.

It is difficult for people in Dungavel to see anyone outside so please BRING MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS to make noise with!!

Contact via facebook or phone 0141 427 7992

Dungavel is here.


The Unity Centre

Anti Raids Network

Stop Deportations

Right to Remain

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