Happy Anniversary

One year on and we are still dancing on the grave of the person who spearheaded the destruction of families and communities by destroying industry, Section 28 and caused an undercurrent of fear and hatred that LGBTQ communities still face today, the elderly being left to die in hospital corridors, “care in the community” which ignored those with mental health needs and left them to rot, the poll tax (which some people are still haunted by), the right to buy – then fall into disrepair – then sell to greedy developers and scumbag private housing associations with arms-length leeches owned by the same boards, the rampant profiteering and dogma of greed, the removal of services once held in the common good, militarism and needless death for oil, the fear of nuclear war, the support of South African apartheid and the friendship of the most bloodthirsty dictators.

Lets not just bury the body of one Prime Minister.

Lets bury the whole damn system and organise the world for the well-being of all.

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