Asylum Seeker Support in Glasgow

Here is a list of some of the material help you can provide asylum seekers and other victimised migrants in Glasgow:

1. Volunteer at the Glasgow Destitution Network night shelter – its seen a boost since Y people took over, and looks after 10-15 per night. Stay overnight.
2. Donate to the night shelter – GOOD food, not just the crap out of date cans you wouldn’t eat yourself.
3. Cook at the shelter – in case you can’t stay over.
4. Case work at UNITY – spend a day telling the UKBA and Home Office to fuck itself, and make sure lawyers actually do their job.
5. Support work at UNITY – look after kids so parents can sign in / face the UKBA. Or so they can do the shopping etc, often single mothers whose partners have been removed or detained.
6. Charity work at UNITY – work in one of the 3 shops./
7. Bike work at UNITY – fix bikes so people have mobility. Not just asylum seekers, but anyone. Based in Govan.

Night Shelter:
Tel: 0141 427 7992

Feel free to copy/share info. Comment below of you have any corrections or additional info and we will amend this post as required.


One response to “Asylum Seeker Support in Glasgow

  1. I’m going make it down to the nightshelter cooking one night this week, been doing solidarity kitchens in Greece and really come to see what a benefit they are in getting people together as well as providing practical support.

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