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Hi folks,

In addition to the usual events listing you can also get a copy of our latest free news sheet through the following link:

This includes some events and groups from other parts of Scotland, as well as reports from other events you may have seen advertised here. Now without further ado here are the upcoming events…


The Crystal Bell, Glasgow Cross
Sunday 16th 2014

Neo-nazi groups plan to threaten St Rochs primary school. Assemble to help oppose the fascists.

¡No Pasarán!


Sunday at 19:00–22:00
The Old Hairdressers 20 – 28 Renfield Lane, G2 6PH Glasgow

Grab your stakes, put on your lipliner and cue up some Dingoes Ate My Baby on your iPod for Ms B Presents… BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER

Ms B Presents… is a performance and lecture night at The Old Hairdressers, where a variety of interested/interesting people gather to explore a chosen subject. This year’s run is concerned with cult television with an influence that can be felt all over pop culture.

// LINE-UP //
RUTH FOULIS: The Legacy of Buffy Summers: Katniss vs. Bella
DAVID SWEENEY: “And after mega, it goes to mondo, then super, hyper, beaucoup d’, crazy, stupid.”: Mixed Reactions to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Seasons 8 Comic Books and the Consequences for Season 9
KEVIN WALLS: Sound in the season four episode ‘Hush’
!! PLUS !! a no less than fabulous performance of songs from ‘Once More With Feeling’ by PAUL ROSS and ROZ DAVIES
!! PLUS !! a handy guide to Buffy-related crushes from Ms B herself



Housing is in Crisis: What Can We Do About It? Public Meeting
Bridgeton Community Learning Campus, 68 Dale Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow, G40 4TL
Tuesday 18th March

Speakers and Discussion:

The Commonwealth Games 2104 and the Clyde Gateway regeneration project promise a supply of new housing in the East End, but do their figures stack up? Initially 1,400 homes were promised on the Games village site, but this figure has now been reduced to 700 homes. Only 300 of these homes have been allocated for ‘social rent’ yet we estimate around 3,000 people have been removed from the Dalmarnock area in the recent past through disinvestment and demolition. The ‘new community’ on the Clyde is obviously displacing the old one rather than adding to it. The Clyde Gateway regeneration project initially promised 10,000 homes. But when we pressed them they admitted that the figure had been ‘made up’ to obtain government grant funding, and that they had no idea whether they would be private or social tenure. Now, there is no mention of the 10,000 figure on their publicity materials at all, suggesting the old truth that the promises attached to large-scale regeneration projects tend to be ‘codswallop’. None of this should come as a surprise. UK and Scottish policy on housing has been dominated by the eradication of social housing. The stock transfer of all Glasgow’s council housing to Glasgow Housing Association in 2003 was probably the largest public privatisation project in Europe. Since then, massive budget cuts for Housing Associations and the drive towards the private market have drastically reduced the amount of social housing. Between 1991 and 2008, private sector housing in the city grew by around 60,000 homes, while social housing was reduced by roughly the same amount. The trend towards housing privatisation is only accelerating.

What does all this mean?
Gentrification. Rent is killing us. Half of people’s disposable income is taken up by rent in the UK. Welfare cuts mean that rent can no longer be covered by the unemployed. Not only poor people, but almost everyone struggles to pay the rent and pay off mortgages. The tyranny of debt reigns everywhere. We have no control over the way we house ourselves while property speculators and landlords turn huge profits.

What can we do about it?
(1) We can start discussing the housing crisis so that we have a clear understanding of the problem. The invited speakers will describe in detail the housing situation in the East End, and more generally in Glasgow, Scotland and the UK. They will discuss some of the problems that face the housing movement and potential ways to overcome these problems drawing on successful examples.
(2) We can begin to organise together. The lesson from other large-scale regeneration events is that benefits will only come to local populations when they are organised. They will not drop from the sky – despite the usual promises. We want to get involved with other people fighting housing campaigns and those who want to start that fight.

Confirmed Speakers: Sarah Glynn: housing activist and author of ‘Where the Other Half Lives: Lower Income Housing in a Neoliberal World’/ Susan Fitzpatrick and Neil Gray: Glasgow Games Monitor 2014/More to be confirmed…

Organised by: Glasgow Games Monitor 2014: and Unite the Community Union. Contact:


Local food social support hub
Wellington Church, 77 Southpark Avenue, Glasgow.
Tuesday, March 18, 2014
6:00pm – 8:00pm

Worried about money?

Feeling lonely?

Glasgow Uni Food Co-op and Woodlands Community Garden are organising a local food social support hub at the Crypt cafe at Wellington Church on Tuesday 18th March, from 6 to 8pm. Entrance is at 77 Southpark Avenue, opposite the Fraser Building.

Volunteers from Woodlands Garden will provide a free hot two-course meal, and it will be a friendly space open to students and local residents to relax and have a chat. There will also be some fun activities run by student societies.

An adviser from Citizens’ Advice Bureau will be attending, and we will provide information leaflets from GU Financial Aid and SRC Advice Centre. Please pass on the details to anyone who you might need a shoulder to lead on.


PubhD II: Brewing, Rotary Aerodynamics, and Scottish Colonialism | Glasgow Skeptics
The Old Hairdressers, 20 – 28 Renfield Lane, G2 6PH
Tuesday, March 18, 2014
7:00pm until 9:30pm

After the excellent success of the inaugural PubhD, we’re back for seconds!

Lorna MacBean (Literature) is a PhD student at the University of Glasgow. She’s writing about William Lithgow, a traveller from the 17th century, and what his writing shows about other cultures and Scottish colonialism.

Harry Smith (Aerospace Engineering) is a final year PhD student researching Rotary Aerodynamics, which is a fancy term for “helicopters”, “propellers” and “wind turbines”. He’s passionate about what he does and spends his time explaining how aircraft work to people in bars. Tonight he’s doing it by invite rather than unsolicited, and he’ll tell you why the future of aviation might need propellers, which I bet you thought were a thing of the past.

Stephanie Baker (History) is a PhD student whose research is on baking and brewing in Scotland (c1250-1550), but will talk about the brewing as it’s more interesting. Find how how much what you currently drink has in common with historical ale.


Public meeting: Universities and the Casualisation of Work
19 March at 18:30
Boyd Orr, Lecture theatre 1

Featuring a panel discussion, the speakers for which will include.. Professsor Greg Philo, from the Sociology Department at Glasgow University Dave Watson, Head of Bargaining and Campaigns at Unison Scotland Owen Mooney from Glasgow University Labour Club who has been spearheading the campaign against the University’s use of zero-hours contracts in the SRC John Coan, Unite activist with experience of being employed on a zero-hours contract Others to be confirmed.


GM Food – film and discussion event
Thursday, March 20 at 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Seminar Room 3, Wolfson Medical School, University of Glasgow, University Avenue, G12 8QQ

Join us to discuss the future of our food – with films and speakers about the hot topic of GM food. Just today UK government advisers have called for a relaxation on gm regulations. Is GM food safe? Is the science behind GM proven or manipulated by business? What are the wider implications of moving towards GM food – is it good to feed the planet or dangerous for the environment? Come along to find out more….and join in the discussion over a cuppa.


Unity’s 8th Birthday Party
Kinning Park Complex, 43 Cornwall Street, G411BA
Friday, March 21, 2014

Come and celebrate 8 years of the Unity Centre providing practical support and solidarity with Glasgow’s asylum seekers and undocumented migrants less than 100 metres from the main gates of the Home Office reporting centre.

Music * food * dancing BYOB With music from the Olifant Collective, Genesee and the Woven Tents

£3 donation – free for asylum seekers


Spring into Life – family arts seasonal celebration
Woodlands Community Gardens 91–111 West Princes Street, Woodlands
Saturday, March 22, 2014
1:00pm until 4:00pm

Join us on Saturday 22nd March from 1-4pm for our celebration of the arrival of spring. With spiders, samba and sensational cakes there will be plenty of fun for all the family. Also featuring Discover me, The Conservation Volunteers Scotland natural play programme where families can learn, play, explore and discover. Watch out for nature games and trails; arts and crafts using recycled objects, mini-laboratory area with the chance to make a spider to take home as well as seasonal storytelling for all ages. This joint event with TCV Scotland is supported by Glasgow Connected Arts Network. Please bring a cake or home baking to share if you can.


Kinning Park Complex, 43 Cornwall Street, G411BA
Saturday, March 22, 2014

Open Jar and KPC present: A Bollywood and Bhangra EXTRAVAGANZA! Join us for an evening of Asian delights.

*Delicious Asian foods served
*Bhangra dancing with Asap Bhangra
*Dhol drumming from DruMania Entertainments
*Bollywood films
*Cheap bar from 8PM
*and some special guest DJs for late into the night shimmying and shaking.

Be there with bells on. This event is a KPC Fundraiser party and all proceeds will go towards Broth Mix, a community cafe project curated by Open Jar Collective that will temporarily transform the Kinning Park Complex into a space for conversations and action as part of Glasgow International Festival of Art.

More information can be found here –

5-8pm: £5 per adult, 5-15 year olds £2.50, kids under 5 FREE! Families welcome, Asian food served. Family tickets are available online and will also be available on the night.

8pm – Late: £7 Asian music, entertainment and snacks.

Tickets are available online here –


Tear Down the Walls: Prison Abolition Tour
Fred Paton Centre, 19 Carringdon Street, Glasgow, G4 9AJ
Wednesday, 26 March 2014
18:45 until 21:00

“Tear Down The Walls” is the rallying cry of abolitionists around the world. For those people who understand the harm caused by prisons, the concept of dismantling the prison-industrial-complex seems like the most logical conclusion. But there are still those who cannot imagine a world without prisons. That is why, this March, members of the Empty Cages Collective will be travelling the country to host workshops on the prison-industrial-complex and prison abolition.

There are currently 85,690 people held in prison, not including people detained under the Mental Health Act, in Secure Children’s homes or in Immigration detention. The prison population of Britain has doubled over the last twenty years.

Not only do we have the highest prison population per capita in Europe, but we also have the most privatised prison system with 11.6% (over 10,000) of prisoners held in private prisons. Plans are already under way to build the country’s first “super prison” in Wrexham that would hold 2,000 people alone.

It is clear that we are seeing a growing trend towards an ever expanding prison-industrial-complex similar to the one we see today in the United States. The United States has 25% of the global prison population despite only being home to 4% of the world’s population.

Now is the perfect time to strike and stem the growth of the prison-industrial-complex in our country. Though the drive towards privatisation and increased incarceration has already begun it is not too late to organise to stop it.

The aim of the Tear Down The Walls Tour is to highlight the importance of prison abolition as part of the wider struggle against oppression and spread literacy around the prison society. We will also be promoting our project, Prison Abolition 2014, which is a year of action & organising against the prison-industrial-complex.

Join us this March and help us organise to Tear Down The Walls and create healthy alternatives to incarceration!


Glasgow AF discussion group is open and free to all, however any donations towards costs are appreciated. Tea/coffee/juice/biscuits will be provided free of charge. Our venue is accessible to wheelchairs/powerchairs. We ask that all those attending this event read the first page of our safer spaces policy here:


Stand-up Comedy — Sarah Cassidy: An Introduction to Twerking (Twerk in Progress)
Sat 29 March 2014
Vespar, 14 Drury St, Glasgow G2 5AA

Sarah Cassidy takes an hour to solve all sexism forever. Sarah explains to misogynists (both male and female) how to do sexism properly, .e.g. how to take draw cock and balls on everything, and a how-to guide on taking flattering cock selfies. This show contains graphic images (cocks, so many cocks) and strong feminist perspectives



National Day of Action Against ATOS and National Protest Against Workfare
Partick Job Centre, 20 benalder street
Tuesday, April 1, 2014
12:00pm until 2:00pm

National Day of Action Against ATOS (and the whole system of Work Capability Assessments) and National Protest Against Workfare This is the day that the new Community Work Placements are being launched.

These will force JSA claimants to work for six months without pay. Six months – 780 hours – is more than twice the maximum community service sentence. Workfare does not help people find jobs and being unemployed is not a crime.

The protest against ATOS is a follow-up to the widely supported day of protest at the end of February.


Dave Rovics
The Griffin Glasgow Scotland
Friday, April 18th, 7 pm

Riot folk singer Dave Rovics returns to Glasgow. Check out for more.



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