Activists Chain Themselves to Liverpool Town Hall Railings on International Women’s Day


BiNyle3IAAAM3HqActivists have just chained themselves to the railings of Liverpool Town Hall to protest the impact of national and local government cuts on women, this International Women’s Day. They are borrowing a direct action tactic and dress style from suffragettes, to highlight their opinion that the interests of women are still not represented by those in elected office, and call for women to organise resistance against cuts which disproportionately affect them.

Even before the coalition government began imposing austerity measures, women were on average far more financially insecure than men. Since 2010, cuts have disproportionately affected women, widening the gender gap, and pushing many women into extremely precarious situations. Women are facing a triple whammy.


  1. women make up around two-thirds of the public sector workforce, so cuts to this sector are hitting them harder.
  2. caps and cuts to benefits and tax credits such as housing benefit and carer’s allowance…

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