Dennistoun Diggers Need Help!

Via the Glasgow Local Food Network mailing list:

Hi all,

Some of you will know who we are, others maybe not. For those of you who don’t, we are a small group of volunteers based in Dennistoun who have been running a community garden for the past 3 years.

Milnbank Housing Association were kindly hosting us and out of the blue yesterday we received an email saying that they wanted us out by the end of January with no particular reason given. We are completely baffled and surprised (and hurt) by this.

Therefore we are looking for a space to relocate but in the meantime we need space to:
a) Store some of our equipment until we find an alternative space
b) Foster some of our perennials (artichokes, asparagus, herb barrels, fruit trees and bushes)
c) relocate some of our beds temporarily, ideally in the Dennistoun area – Does anyone know of anywhere we might be able to temporarily set up on? (Am also planning to contact councillors to ask if there are any stalled spaces available – we have a few in mind to enquire about). We would also need A LOT of help to do this – does anyone have any suggestions or advice???

Any advice/help/ support would be warmly welcomed. We are a bit at a loss as we have been given such a short time period to move on. As there are no paid staff for this wee project we are very limited on resources and time to meet the deadline.

Thanks in advance!

Sarah and the Diggers

If anyone can help them they can be contacted through their blog or facebook.


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